Thursday, May 4, 2017

IMMORALITY: the ultimate weapon of the ruling satanists cult for destruction and mass murder! : Humanity,s awakening from nightmare.

Morality:The value system of principles -ideals,falls within the spiritual circuits of the Eternal Son.

-The pure and universal spirit gravity of all creation, this exclusively spiritual circuit, leads directly back to the person of the Second Source and Center on Paradise. The Eternal Son. He literally holds all spirit realities and all spiritualized values, as it were, in the hollow of his hand.

- the spiritual gravity of the Eternal Son is absolute. Sin and rebellion may interfere with the operation of local universe circuits, but nothing can suspend the spirit gravity of the Eternal Son. The Lucifer rebellion produced many changes in your system of inhabited worlds and on Urantia, but we do not observe that the resultant spiritual quarantine of your planet in the least affected the presence and function of either the omnipresent spirit of the Eternal Son or the associated spirit-gravity circuit.

IMMORALITY : It is the potentially inherent seed of final destruction of a corrupted civilization. The long run exposure to the multi facet effects of immorality,results to the downgrading or vanishing of moral values-principals and ideals,and total mind-spiritual corruption and terailment or thought disorder.
Immorality falls within the matterialistic -destructive- operational  gravity anti-system-, of Lucifer or the so-called system of creative destruction !!

Satanists cult :

These soulless psychopaths have in essence been running a secret war against We The People and humans in general.

what exactly are these entities who have been anointing, enriching, empowering and providing high status, while they propel these folks into high positions? Are they a certain bad, evil race of Alien ETs from another planet or star system? Or are they very crafty demons, lesser gods/fallen-ones.

Or are these entities of the high-ranking members of the worldwide satanic cult system (Ruling Cabal) fallen angels, lesser gods, Demons or evil Djinns sent here from the Darkside to use certain select “Bloodline” humans and manipulate them to engage in massive and serial blood sacrifice in order to create a Globalist NWO and pure Hell on earth?

Some believe that Alien ETs are either artificially created soulless androids, or Satan-bred spawn, while others think that some are pure evil that eat human flesh (Dracos) with other Alien ETs being good, visiting here to advise humans and help them develop positively.

Could it be that both these evil entities and Alien ETs are all part of a big deception and a sophisticated means to mind-kontrol Cabal members to be willing to lose their souls for riches, power and status, in order to destroy the human race and plunder the Earth?

  -“A love of twisting, distorting, ingenious quibbling, and a foregone antipathy to what did not lie within their field of vision, constitutes the character of the ruling cabal. Pride in their knowledge of the Talmud and a spirit of dogmatism attached even to the best ones,  undermining their moral sense…Integrity and right-mindedness they had lost as completely as simplicity and the sense of truth.

  -They found pleasure and a sort of triumphant delight in deception and cheating against members of their own race;


   -Your planet is momentarily in a sort of tense arrest before final explosion. We do not mean this in the sense of complete physical self-destruction (although this too has been attempted wide scale and prevented), but more on an emotional plane ....

   -This is putting tremendous pressure on the earth herself, such that her own emotional body is affected, and the repercussions of this result in the weather “abnormalities” which are on the increase.

   -Is it possible to avoid this “explosion”? From our standpoint, NO. Delays have been in effect in order to inform (as we do) and to hinder the gravity of the situation, and to hinder the pain which will incur, and this has had varying degrees of success, but on a limited scale.

   -The truth MUST – DUE TO ITS VERY NATURE AND IN ACCORDANCE WITH COSMIC LAW – come to the surface. .

   -So it is your choice whether to resist and suffer later, or whether to activate yourselves and serve as catalyst, Develop your own path in accordance with your own principles, and adhere to them 100%.

   -This is not for the “fainthearted”, yet to do so will put you in a secure, steady position when chaos ensues. Failure to address problems, however small they may initially seem to be, will lead to a build-up which – over along period of time – will result in a massive displacement or blockage. If you look at the functioning or non-functioning of your societies, you will see that these massive blockages exist and cause great pain and constriction in your everyday lives, preventing you from extracting the “essence” of your mission here on earth, and acting upon it.

   -If you fail to raise your voice against corruption or illegal proceedings, this will similarly lead to your ENSLAVEMENT, and indeed this is how we see you now as a global society at the present time – AS ENSLAVED.

   -Thus this is again a call for ACTIVE RESISTANCE and NO COMPROMISES in all areas. In this way will you serve your blinkered fellow humans. In this way will you precipitate and facilitate the START OF THE NEW AGE.