Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Messengers and Messages :True VS Deception.

 ....*Some times is better to see things from a distance,and give more thoughts,as are  not creating mental or emotional attachemend ,faulse expectations,and dissappoinmend.
We don,t want at the end, to discover,that we were told,what we wanted to listen..and found ourselves deceived...once again*...
..*Everything is subjected to subsequent validation or negation.
But before this we all have to use our discernment..
and ask also our HS.
Some channels are allready somehow crossed the line.
They made it looks like a..joke?
Does Prime Creator make announcesments
 about the new financial system?!!!
Does Obama is an aspect of..Sananda ?!!!
NESARA is the project of Master Saint Germain?!!
(Master S.Germain in a message through Aruna stated that He has nothing to do
with NESARA,OR Anything to do with Money.He also stated that is not for us to deal with these channels,but only for the HR.)
Does Lucifer is brought back to life,although he is been arrested,and sentensed to uncreation ?!!!


One of the most serious issues  the latest times ,is the reliability of the channelled messages through many channels,mostly on the Internet W/Sites.
Channels and channellings ,is been also the main subject,for many messages from the Ascended Masters,and in detailed messages from Ascended Master S.GERMAIN.
In these messages,the Master is clearly stated,that some channels are not telling the true,about what is happening now-days on Earth,trying to redirect people,s attention to faulse expectations,for events which,in no way-as they say-could take place,or the possibility for taking place,is very low !Meaning that some channels,intentionally or not,are providing and promoding information,which is not for the BENEFIT OF HUMANITY,but are promoding their personall interests,and the agenda of the people behind the veils.
In this case,it seems that they are trying to deceive people again,and the people behind,are playing with DOUBLE AGENDAS.
Ascended Master S,Germain,in one of His messages,clearly stated that some of the channeled messages
coming as messages from the GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT ,are deceiving messages from INTRUTORS !!  SEE Asc.Master S.Germain message:IDENDIFYING THE CONTROLLERS METHOTS.
The Counsel of the Galactic Federation contains deceivers. Some are from Orion. Others are not only dark, they are not even able to connect to you with a caring demeanor. Change is their desire—change of their own destiny. One way to take over a new territory is to deceive the ones who currently are in that territory. NESARA, and all other concepts that reward "doing nothing", and blocking all the mental light that can increase awareness is their game. Capture the light in quiet concentration on divine alignment. Breathing, not anger is the way.....
Certainly ,the ascended masters Realm,is in a much better  condition ,to Know,beyond any doupts,what is really happening behind the veils in our 3d world,or in the 4th Dimension,where dark entities are
interacting.We may have in mind that Ascended Masters resides in 7th Dimension.and with no doupt
THEY ARE THE ONES with single agenda.Their service is only to GOD,to LIGHT,to LOVE for Humanity.
 What does the word < Intrutor> means,in terms of Light VS Dark?
It means that,a dark master or high intelligense dark entity,is interacting within the rangs of the Galactic Federation,DISGUISED as Ascended Master,channelling for Love,ascension,co-operation,freedom e.t.c.That,s the one face of the coin,and is related to the Ascended Masters single agenda.
The other face of the coin ,is related with the segond agenda,of the dark Gabal,which intents to keep and secure their interest,power and Dominion,and seeking to enslave Humanity,and,to take over what is left on Earth.
See relevand message from S.KUMARA on 5th July 2011.
The Orion Reptilians Empire of the Dark Side,and the Zeta Ridiculus,who controlled our Planet for thousands of years,they don,t want to loose power and dominion on Earth.
 Working on a genius evil master plan for milleniums,they created the existing dream-reality,within we are strugling to find the way out,and restore our rights and power as Humanity.It should be a great mistake,to underestimate their intentions,or what are capable for.People working in their service,or co-operating with,seeking or expecting to be rewarded for the services provided to these dark entities,they will find themselves very dissapponted.
 We have to accept that we are still in war,with strong possibilities of escalation of this war,if dark side recognises that is loosing the game.All the information given to the puplic from verious channels,represending the Galactic Federation of Light,about the distruction of weapponery,and underground military -advanced Tecnology-Establishments,are correct ?Who can verifies all these information,and tell to the puplic that is true ?Does all these information ,is given with one and only one reason ?To put us back to bed and to a deep sleep again,untill the beginning of implemending their agendas ?We are not in a possition to accept or to reject all these informations,because are all released from the skies.
It is stated very correctly,that in conditions or circumstansess of war,we have to know WHO IS WHO. We certainly know who the ASCENDED MASTERS ARE,We know who is Master S,Germain,who is ARCH.Michael and the other Archangels.Does anybody can guestions the motives of these LIGHT BEEINGS?
Certainly not.The only thing in guestion,by many,is the reliability of The channelled messages.
If this is happening with the Master,s and Archangels channelled messages,what about the SKY meesenger,s messagess?What about the Masters messages in case are contradicting with the Sky messenger,s messages?There is no common answer to this guestion.Each one of us,has to give His own unswer,asking his own master within,or his Higher Self.
We don,t want at the end, to discover,that we were told,what we wanted to listen..and found ourselves  deceived...once again.