Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DAYS OF TRUTH,: The separation of the Galaxy has reached Gaia.




On October 22nd, 2014 at Midnight

Separation of the Galaxy strikes Space-Time!
The Separation of the Galaxy strikes Space-Time! 
Sluggish worlds, lower vibrating levels have fallen off from the 
ascending world. Several worlds were transformed and since then 
many souls search for their new place of destination in All-That-Is. 
The whole bandwidth, which this ascension brings with it, is collected 
here in an instance of God, and infinite happiness and infinite pain 
appear “simultaneously”.
Days of Truth 
The worlds separate, the galaxy has shed the 
light-starved and has accepted the light-filled.
And this has an immediate effect in this world. 
The days of truth begin, 
in every respect. 
We have proceeded with a significant step, now,
as the time of times fulfills.
Do not cry for the ones staying behind, instead be glad that this 
game completes, because only thereby the ones staying behind 
also receive a new opportunity for their return into the Light.
The separation of the Galaxy
has reached  Gaia! 
Remain anchored, grounded and oriented toward God, because 
heavenly guidance points you to several unknown paths and opens 
for you all the miracles, which are needed now, because the world 
changes its countenance and all Life in this world its course.
I am that I am.
I am Peace and Life.
I am amongst you,
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