Monday, October 20, 2014

: The Power of Evil : The Adversaries And Mercenaries of Evil


                               THE EVIL OVERLORDS AND THE KINGDOM OF SHADOWS!

By prevailing darkness in Atlantis, the dark forces through  Lucifer,s and Satan mastermind plan,all socioeconomic and political networks,were  established, as a complete new organised system of controll and Dominion:
1.By eliminating all forms,or closing all access, to any source of Light.
2.By redirecting existing Light sources,to darkness,meaning the use of existing institutions and establishments,for fullfiling darkness objective targets.
3.By providing or controlling any information or flow of information,to the collective or masses of people.
4.By creating and controlling the channels of deception of man,s collective consciousness,.ie, what man can see,hear,processes and interprete,coding-decoding received information etc
5.By using all means of brain wash,for presending non-reality as the actual-reality!!
   Veiling all aspects of life by darkness,and the conditions created so far,through time,the destroyers left few chanses and little hope,to Humanity as a collective,or individually,to alter circumstanses,to
discover  actual-REALITY,and find the pathway for returning back to the original destination and destiny,to the REALITY OF HEAVENS.
 Creating a Pyramid prototype model of organisation and administration,and through the lower levels networks of the illuminatis,their representatives,and their minions,the whole system of operations networks ,as descriped above, could be defined as the matrix of Evil.

  As it was stated befor,Darkness attaks to Humanity, conducted either from the inside by Lucifer or from the outside by his second in command Satan.
 Continuing  Darkness Unveil, we may have to go back ,at the times of Atlantis,when dark forces prevailed..Atlantis era,is been the highest civilisation reached so far on Earth,and is been a time of full joy,untill the militants,represending the Dark side,took the power,controlling by all means,all aspects of life,destroying All, connected or related to Light.
 Prevailing Darkness those times,forced all masters of the Brotherhood of Light,to withdrawll from Erth,leaving everything, in the hands of the Distroyers , the  dark entieties and the militants.
The Leader-Emperor of Atlantis,a 9th initiations -meaning at the top of the mountain-Entity,as mentioned in old testaments.
 After darkness prevailed,the system applied and established ,based in tow(2) axis or objective targets,for absolute control and dominion:
1.Lucifer,s plan or objective targets:
a.. new faulse or fake vision.
b. manipulation
c. mental and mind deception
d. new non-reality,by creating a new world of illusions.
e. FEAR as the interconnecting factor of implementation of all objective targets.
f. production of conditions of misery and poverty,for controlling destiny of masses
and therefore Humanity.
2.Satan,s plan or objective tatgets:
a.control of money and wealth resourses.
b.controll of power-decision making,administration-.

It is worth to mention,that after darkness prevailed,and the Atlantis fall,all sacred portals and Light energy centers or sources,were closed and sealed.Also, any other connection or contact with
Cosmic Light and Heaven.
All the Masters and members of the Great White Brotherchood,left Planet Earth..
The Archturius Council,through their forces,succeeded before the fall of Atlantis,to remove in safe
place,the Sacred Crystall Grid, in an undergound facilities in Arkansas U.S.A,and afterwards guarded by Sirius Council,member of  the Galactic Federation and the Great White Brotherchood.
In master,s Zalatustra chronicles,is stated, how,the currier of the seven Rishis,from the seven Sun Oracles,in Atlantis,took these Light Flames,to safe place in India,and used after by the Post-Atlantian
It is well to mention,what the Master is saying,about the fall of Atlantis,and the destruction of its
high level civilisation.
--During my life time,i have seen many civilisations,destroyed.It seems to me that only catastrophies of the matterial world,pulls the trigger,for the development of conciousness,to higher levels.----
Since God,s Devine Plan,and evolutionary process,is through matter and soul,the destruction of the matterial world,as the vechicle of soul,shows the Creators way,for Mastering,ascension,enlightment,and liberation.
Ledgends and myths, played major role,on the mental,mind,and concious deactivation plan,set by the
dark side,and their minions on Earth.
Given the impresion,that,Humanity,has to deal and fight an invisible enemy,coming from nowhere and going everywhere,left people,s mind,unprodected,providing, not to much hope.
All awakened and awared people,knows the senarios,about darkness future and destiny,as is been defined,by THE MIGHTY I AM PRESENSE,THE ELDERS,AND THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERCHOOD.
Redirecting light to darkness,is been the dark,s side plan for milleniums.
Redirecting darkness back to Light,is the plan of the CREATOR,THE COSMIC HIERARCHY,THE Great White Brotherchood,and the Planetary Hierarchy.