Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kissinger: "Under plan crises in Greece and Cyprus"!

Kissinger: "Under plan crises in Greece and Cyprus"!

Fanis Makridi

For the conspiracy theorists , what is experienced by Cyprus and Greece at the moment, not only the result of mismanagement of public funds. The economic crisis of the Greeks of the Mediterranean launched by the "big heads". Of the major powers of the world ...

Conspiracy theorists who express this position based on a powerful-and also popular this season-argument. They cite a Mossad secret report from a private conversation the head of U.S. foreign policy (from 1969 until 1977) Henry Kissinger.According to this report, the latter speaking to representatives of Jewish synagogues in Germany in 1983 had said that all developments in the Mediterranean will seek to acquire Israel in total control in the energy map. Indeed, according to what is alleged to have said Kissinger in the notorious meeting, Greece and Cyprus will be ridden routed economic crisis!

Let's look at the issue of placement Kissinger in Greek but in English:

* "In the early 21st century Israel must control all energy deposits of the Eastern Mediterranean. Of the joint only with Turkey should negotiate with the need to give a party. The Arab countries of the Middle East will be busy in internal conflicts. Greece and Cyprus will be ridden routed economic crisis. The only consolation for the Greeks may be the justification for the payment of German reparations since the second world war. In this judicial claim must support them to compromised economic resurgence and prestige, always dangerous for us, Germany. "

* "At the beginning of the 21st century, Israel must succeed in the integral control of the energy deposits, which exist in the maritime area of ​​the East Mediterranean. Concerning the future exploiters, Israel should negotiate only with Turkey and, if circumstances make it necessary, yield to Turkey parts of the deposits. Arab nations in the Middle East will be locked on the vicious circle of civil wars. Greece and Cyprus, will be confronted with directed economic crisis. The only consolation for the Greek people might be receiving the long over due WWII German compensations. In this demanding judiciary struggle, Greece deserve our full support, in order to make vulnerable the ever dangerous for us German prestige, and its economic, future reconstruction ".

Interesting, huh? Order to be right from all sides but we must consider the following:

* Searching the web at the above phrase to locate the primary source, can not find anything. Whence sprang the content of the discussion with representatives Kissinger Jewish synagogues; When it first? Like that the text came from nowhere!

* The text was widely circulated last April, immediately after the first 10 days of that month. Preceded catastrophic for Cyprus Eurogroup. Where was hidden so long? Reminds me after the Eurogroup? Though of course, we found a reference website on 1 June this year ...

Yet there are many other elements that can make the conspiracy theorists feel vindicated when they say that all that lives, the Greeks were the result of deliberate plan ...

Let me explain: We now know that all the "greats" of this planet did play on the Cyprus issue then and not us. Kissinger, who from 1969 until 1977 was dominated in the design and execution of U.S. foreign policy, he had regoularei all that America is the big boss and the eastern Mediterranean.

Do not tell me. All items have seen the light of publicity, all related files Revealed CIA, leading to this conclusion.

Characteristically, a publication of the Guardian in February 2001 on the occasion of his book Christopher Hitchens, The Trial of Henry Kissinger. The Mr Secretary, as then called Kissinger to the diplomatic conference, behaved as the sole responsible for the betrayal of the Nation ... "Kissinger sold Cyprus for 30 pieces of silver" refers to the title of another attribute published.

The writer, however, will never forget the contents of some secret CIA documents that saw the light of day and recorded what was cradled in a meeting between Kissinger and Foreign Minister of Turkey, Melih Esenmpel.

The meeting took place after the decision of the U.S. Senate for an arms embargo imposed on Turkey (03/10/1975). In this meeting Kissinger reveals how of how important was the role of Turkey's foreign policy s U.S.. How great need America had a bad dog in the Eastern Mediterranean to cause instability in the region and pave the way for achieving their goals of America.

In this meeting, Kissinger "pinning" the Greek side, shows how "estimates" the Turks, their proposed solutions to find a way to "embargo", committed that will take an active role, gives orders to his subordinates diplomats to act in favor of Turkey, while not hesitating to say that through unconstitutional and illegal actions will "make yourself comfortable" his elect America's allies.

Side note: Reading these documents by wikileaks realize that many of you experienced the Greeks of today, many political decisions and actions of many 'great powers' was the result of well designed activities, a plan. Not at conspiratorial are those that record now. The zonal federation, we serve as a solution, it was a good idea digested and served from the time of invasion.Turks in Cyprus using American weapons (there are references to documents).

And certainly there are examples that cry a lot.

Those responsible for the suffering of this place, they found fertile ground. In 1974 we had the political divisions. Greek Cypriots Greek Cypriots killed. And certainly related developments arrived immediately to large heads of intelligence services (the documents to wikileaks is sufficiently informative). Offers a unique opportunity to those who wanted to gain control over our weight.

What was then the data is in. The small Cyprus grew economically. Tourism was in very good shape, as are exports of agricultural products while and then made ​​inquiries in the territorial waters of Cyprus for finding energy sources .

The place acquired prospects. Political instability, however, the communal riots and the division between the Greek Cypriots, we destroyed it. But mostly the latter. The blurred by fanaticism minds led us to this point. Why elementary sobriety would allow us to be smarter. More reasonable. Stronger.

Of course, America might have suspected role, but took care to restore us. The U.S. report of 1975 identified (again in that the dishonest wikileaks) is typical. The document is an incredibly detailed statement on the economy of the place before and after the invasion. The expert group that prepared it, formulate its views on how Cyprus will grow again and what is the amount of financial assistance to be received.

Shortly after, as everyone knows Cypriots began to flow money. The national problem ... so we burned Cypriots to seek an immediate solution. Focused on how to rebuild that shattered the Turks with the invasion and the inhabitants sweetened to a degree of comfort, money and wellbeing. Some principles were forgotten easily. The desire to return was not so great.

Remind you of anything all that? Modern history of Hellenism in Cyprus is not much different from that of 1974. Tourism up well once the Cyprus managed to grow incredibly in the financial sector. The low corporate tax allowed the registration of foreign companies in Cyprus, which would bring large amounts of capital. At the same time, Russian tycoons exorbitant amounts deposited in the local banks. And somewhere in there was and Gas. In short, the Megalonisos would be very strong financially. What? Cyprus The small does not serve anyone's interests very large ...

And somewhere there came the Troika and the memorandum ... The Dutch and Germans (those who were to assist Turkey in 1975 with the issue of the embargo) based data had a serious problem with money laundering. Very serious of Cyprus, according to arithmous.Kataferan but to convince them all that our island is the best washing machine on the ice. So we destroyed the financial sector. Foreign companies left and went to Malta, funds disappeared. We left the gas will start to alleviate our economic pain in five years and counting.
Cypriots no longer have jobs.

Young nor the cafes do not go. Men who once had a job and family, living in their cars, unemployed and divorced. The bazaar can not move because our money is tied up. Talking about the money left over from the haircut. A haircut that stole the dreams of people who were guarding money to realize their dreams with their retirement and to help their children. The despair in all its glory.

Suicides totaled 29 last quarter, however, not be made to not exacerbate the problem.

And like then after the invasion, so now foreigners come to our place, make economic analyzes for us without us, and begin to give us cash in installments. Again, you're weak. Again dependent. Again our minds on how to survive ...