Thursday, July 25, 2013

Breaking News: Ascension is Now Coming on the Upper 4D Earth. The Elohim Confirm: Worst Cabal-Made Catastrophes and MPR on all higher 4D earths on July 23, 2013


The Elohim Message – July 23, 2013

” Dear Ones,
The extravagance of arrogance embroils further upon all upper timelines within the fourth dimension, the result of a rippling effect from the lower expressions of Gaia in this moment.  Such is the way of the man/mankind who has lost complete connection with his very own light and even relishes in the destruction with angry glee and unkindness of a depth rarely identified.
This event that you have all felt, within the past short time period of a day, stems from further destruction upon the upper levels of this fourth density, being level 6 in specificity.  Ripples shall soon be noted upon the upper levels of 7, 8, and 9.
It is only necessary to know that one and all have now been separated according to the will of the soul, each to his own site of onward growth and experience. As there are many different expressions of each soul, upon different timelines, you shall feel with impeccable skill the deeds that are carried out.
Know that all is perfect and all are safe in this unfolding.
Know that you are loved and honoured by all those whose awareness circumnavigates this Universe.
All care and due attention of the Source shall not fail to provide what each individuation requires to move onward in the exploration of this most beautiful creationary event.
You are so very loved!
We are the Elohim! ”