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When one looks to see who has become a Master, do not look at the path that has been walked.  Look at the heart it took to walk the path.
The measure of a Master is not made by magic tricks and whims of the moment.  To be a true Master is to become the Divine that you are.  A true Master understands that everything external is not the Truth, that the Truth cannot be found outside of oneself.  To become what your Soul is, in a world of deception, illusions, emotion, and lies, is to become a Master.
If one wants to live the life of a Master, one becomes Master of one’s life.  The truth of life, the genuine truth of life, lives within each person.  And so it is that when one masters oneself, one masters life.
What that means is that, to become the Master that you seek to be, it becomes your mission to know yourself and heal yourself into the Truth of who you are, untainted by all things that lie outside yourself.  A true Master responds to life not by becoming overwhelmed, or emotional, or angry, or distraught.  Your true life, the life that will make you the Master that you truly are, lives within you.  A true Master may be found living in a hovel, surrounded by agony and poverty.  The measure of a Man’s home is not the measure of a Master.
The true Master is not the Man who lives upon a hill, overlooking the town where he owns buildings and people.  The true Master has no need to own people, to overpower people.  The true Master has no need to overpower circumstances.  The true Master understands that all things that live outside of oneself are not the measure of the Master.  His measure is not what he owns in the world but what he owns within himself.
Masters have walked barefoot with bloody feet and hungry bellies.  Masters have looked through bars at guards and guns and died on concrete floors.  Masters have stood alone for years, seemingly without friends or riches.  But these that I have seen and called Masters have been one thing.  They have been true, always true, to the truth that lies within them.  The truth that no Man, no prison, no friend, no mansion, can make them what they are not, and that is Master over themselves.
Each person has the opportunity to become a Master, to become calm within oneself by accepting and living the truth that nothing outside of oneself has the power to make you something that you are not.  And what are you?  You are an aspect of God.
- Lauren Zimmerman
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Ascension is Mastering- Graduation.
Ascension is realizing,you are Godlike.
It is the self aguired knowledge through life experiense
It is the realizing of the inner desire
to meet the Father,and the master within
Ascension is to follow your thoughts in action
To see with the eyes of your heart
To listen only the voice of your master within
Ascension is the mastering of
the mysteries of THE archaic
Ascension is Love and Wisdom
it is enlightement and liberation
Ascension is to control your mind and your lower self..Ascension is to observe ,with the eyes of your master,with no attachments,with no matterial needs or desires.Ascension is to choose the path of enlightment-liberation,with the eyes of your heart and not the mind.
Ascension is to fight your fears,your doubts,and your believes.It is real knowkedge,which is leading you out of the oceans of ignoranse,to the mastery and wisdom of the Eternal.
Ascension is to stand on the rock as light in the dark.Ascension is to open your mind and your heart,to see and understand the cause behind everything..
Leave your soul and your concious to lead,and not your mind to decide.
Abandon all attachments you used to live with.
See the merits of the Devine Plan you are attached to it,and then you can say:
As a wise man said long ago :
Becoming an Ascended Master....
-- Your light can make brighter all, both Earth and skies.!!

There is a place beyond your understanding.
Known only to your awareness,and to your master within.
There is a place beyond the view of your eyes.
Listening only to your voice of silense!
There is a place,beyond mind,s reality.
Beyond duality.Beyond polarity.
Out and beyond of any idea of right or wrong.
Out of any contractions,and beyond any
matterial needs or desires!
That is the place of Unity,that is the place of Onennes.
The pathway,which is going to lead us back Home,where we belong,to our Devine Destiny and Destination.Back to the reality of Heavens.