Monday, September 17, 2012

Breaking News :IT IS IN SESSION :BY SOURCE through Hazel


By Source and Hazel
Sep 17, 2012 - 11:29:50 PM

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Source and Hazel, Sept 16, 2012


Father, not my will but THINE will be done. I live to serve YOUR will in the totality of spirit and truth. I come to YOU not with an expectation but for an explanation.

I serve the real truth and knowledge. I seek only the highest truth being YOURS and relinquish any hold on the vagaries of the lower mind. I cannot function without YOUR truth. If I cannot receive in truth and know YOUR truth then I cannot serve YOUR will and life for me will be futile.

If I have not received in honesty then I ask for correction. If I have not heard the truth then I ask for correction. For it is YOUR presence in my soul that is my truth and I ask that as YOU are within me that YOU overcome me that all of me shall sing YOUR truth. I will stand by YOU and with YOU whatever YOUR will may be in this situation and I will serve until the last breath in this body is drawn but I cannot breathe without YOUR truth and I must have it. I cannot survive without it. I must have it. There is no right and wrong Father, there is only TRUTH. I have nothing to prove Father only TRUTH to share.

What will it take for me to receive the truth of all that I need to know to serve YOUR will? What vibration can I become to have YOUR truth and live in it and stand in it no matter what? Anything and everything standing in the way of this I un create delete, de-story across all time dimensions space and realities. Unite YOUR GOD mind with my mind and shine out my ego. I relinquish it in totality to the light of my spirit. Release your strength and truth into me that I may receive.

Creator of ALL That IS it is commanded that I receive the truth of this' for it is my intention to be of the highest service. Thank you. It is done It is done It is done. Speak to me please.

CREATOR: Blessed and beloved child of MINE- I AM present. Attend your ears to ME that you may hear ME in TRUTH for I shall not repeat this again. Know ye that I AM your God and Father and I will give to you the truth – for the longing and desire of your heart is immeasurable and you reaped the right to know the truth in all honesty.

Bear my words in closeness to your heart for you shall live in the remembrance of this for as long as you shall breathe. This is the moment of truth, when all will come into the knowing of MY presence. Tardiness is not of God but of man.

What you seek you already know for I have released the truth to you and even in your doubting you know. Patience do I have with you for you have proved your will to be MY OWN. Know ye that the time is here. Reflection is upon you. Turn back not now your thoughts to doubt, but to belief, for I can only give you in truth; I cannot believe for you. The master plan of the universe is at work now. It cannot be repealed. It is in session. You cannot measure progress in time but by occurrences and events.

You seek to know the intricacies, but if I were to tell you, you will not believe nor would you be able to comprehend, So WE give you the broad scene.

You can expect EXACTLY THAT WHICH HAS BEEN REVEALED. IT IS IN SESSION. Stand in your belief, dwell in it and remain with ME. You have come too far to lose that which I prize in you most- your faith. Yes I say your faith, for it is undying.

O beloved you have received in truth and you know the truth; do not bend. Stand straight and tall in that truth and do not conjure meaningless thoughts that betray the very truth I have given to thee. Let the course run and you shall then in the plainness of time see. It is in session.

Michael’s word is my law. It will behove you to hear HIM. This is to be DONE. It is time for completion. Your world can not withstand anymore; the price of freedom is too great were it to be left to man to free himself. It is now or never.

Mark MY words IT IS IN SESSION. The process has begun. For those who will laugh and jeer, let them; for compassion is the Creator’s way and so too must it be yours. You are in training for GOD HOOD. Let not the wills of others detract you. STAND IN YOUR KNOWING. The lifeblood in your world is draining quickly and the world of tomorrow must intervene. Take from that which you wish. IT IS IN SESSION.

Hazel- Can you give me specifics?

CREATOR: I am not here to allay your curiosity but to abate your misery and quench your longing. You must learn to trust unequivocally. You have now asked myriad of times and you have received the answer. What do you wish ME to say? I cannot do your work for you. Go and learn to trust.

Hazel: Forgive me MY Father

CREATOR: Calm your senses? I speak not only to you but to all;. The process is in session. Disentangle the light of your awareness from the creeping doubts and then you will follow the process with ME. I say to you again. It is DONE.

Go tell it on the mountain Over the hills and everywhere Go tell it on the mountain That the FATHER’S WILL IS Done.
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