Tuesday, February 16, 2016

ECONOMY : Ron Paul' : Protect Your Finances

Dear Reader,
If you didn’t see Dr. Ron Paul’s shocking interview over the weekend, let me summarize it for you:
Paul told RT’s Ameera David that the U.S. economy is at the beginning of a major downturn. He warned Americans to wake up and pay attention, stating: “There are bubbles everywhere. You have a stock market bubble… houses selling for $500 million… and you have a bubble in student loans.”
The obvious question is, “What happens next?”
Dr. Paul doesn’t see an easy way out.
It’s the biggest bubble ever, so it’s going to big the biggest crash ever.”
In fact, the 22-yr Congressman is so concerned, he put together a free video presentation that not only explains how and when this crisis will hit, but exactly what you can do to protect yourself and your family.
Be sure to take a minute to check out Dr. Paul’s work.


(Simply click the play button above or follow this link to see Dr. Ron Paul’s important new work, on our website, free of charge.)

Kelly Brown
Researcher, Stansberry Research
P.S. Over 7 million people around the world have seen Ron Paul’s important message. Not only does Dr. Paul explain the problem facing America today, he details the #1 Step you can take to protect yourself. If this doesn’t move you to take action, I don’t know what will. Click here for the full story.

Ron Paul's Final Warning

"My most dire prediction is about to come true. And
there's not much time left for you to prepare."