Monday, January 25, 2016

Messages From God

Beloved ones, you are the power of the heart of God.

Beloved ones, you are the power of the heart of God. You are the consciousness of God exploding. You are that which encompasses the universe and is so totally dynamic that you have named it the "Big Bang." Well, dearest ones, you are the "Big Bang" in a package in a package of consciousness and Love that stretches across the spectrum of all life to acknowledge that I Am Love knowing itself through you.

You are the universe awakening, and yet, you are here pretending to be these limited and beleaguered human beings, caught in the dramas of the ego. I Am come to set you free and to give to you the deep heart recognition that the heart is your doorway to full awareness of that which you are as part of this dynamic life, and that which in this moment you are meant to be.

You are meant to be the instrument of the acknowledgement of My Love in all the powerful and explosive interactions that spring forth in this Now Moment

, the only moment that there is.