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THE INVISIBLE ENEMY :The Brotherchood of Shadows .

* As an Introduction
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* As an Introduction
The Road to oblivion for ..
CSBS ( corporate syndicate of Brotherhood of shadows  )
Nobody can seek to  enslave others,if he is still tied with the chains of his own pations,...The ultimate result for this kind of seekers,is to become by themseves,permanet slaves of their own selling their soul to darkness.Some did it,some not,because already they had no soul any way.!
Entrapped and impisoned within their own self-made castles of self-dillusion,....
At the end of a never existed road ,a never started or ended journey,looking at the scenery of non-existence,and the empty horison of oblivion ..

The  Brotherchood  of Shadows .

Whatever is happening globally is not a coincidence.It seems that nothing is happening by coincidence anyway.Events and situations which unfolds in frond of our eyes is nothing more or less than the final stage of the End Times scenarios,the defeat and demise of the Empire of Evil and the desolution of darkness in all levels of creation..Their last castle and center of operations of the dark forces and the powers that were,with all their established networks ,are falling apart.The matrix of the faulse reality is desolved,and humanity is no longer under quaranteen ,The Kighdom of Maya is not any more under the authority of the rebels and the unholy six (6).
In Gabriel Versus Lucifer  it is explained however,that although ....*Evil did not originate with Lucifer either, though we would maintain that he orchestrated a wholesale conversion of potential evil to actual evil through his persistent choice and promotion of evil.*..
For the records : Lucifer was sentensed to personality
 death by The Tribunal Court of  Ancient of Days.He is been executed in 1985 and is no more in existence.Same happened to
Galigastia ( Devil ).Satan is still alive but he is imprisoned on the Prison World of Alpha-Beta 1 nearby to the Edentia Constellation worlds today.
It is well to mention that the hijack of the whole issue of humanity ,didn,t happened after the fall of Atlantis,but about 50 thousand years ago,through the Andromedan Chimera group-a group of humanoid evil entities ,who used to controll the dragonian the Greys,and the reptilian reptoid groups invators,of the Orion Evil Empire.
This Chimera group,used a very advanced electromagnetic shield around our planet,and put Earth-Humanity,under conditions of military quaranteen.Nobody in-nobody out!!
 -..Any further pushing of the knife on the allready wounded Humanity,s body - Earth,with predesigned, faulse flag  operations,and pre-planned disasters,is just another nail to their coffin.The Law of Attraction and Harmony-Balance,are cosmic laws,wich are fuctioning within energy fields,on differend levels.
Wherever an enegy field is suppressed or distroyed,another energy field is arised or born,in order to keep the balance-harmony,within the whole Universal Quantum energy field.
In the physical plane,when the human energy field ( which is part of the Universal Quantum Energy field ),is suppressed or partly destroyed,has a result in changing the human energy field level,on the mental and spiritual energy field.
Doesn,t matter how strange or difficuld is for us to perceive it,that,s the way cosmic law is working.
It seems that the dark brotherchood,failed to comprehend this basic law,based on their mind-mental incabability and self-dellusion,to perceive what is right or wrong.On their desparate attempt to keep their own privilages to controll humanity,they are ( at least they were ) capable,at any cost, for conducting the ultimate crimes against humanity.   
Due to their long  separation from the Source,they forgot also how things are working within the Universe.They forget how their Councils ( Dark ones ) are working,and also how the Councils of Light.In every Light Council,there is a high represendative of the dark side,same happening with the councils of the dark ones.
The duality play-game-or drama,on the 3D physical plane of experience,is conducted under the supervision of higher realms.
This play is nothing more or less,than Cosmic project,destined to examined and verify,the possibilities and potencials of humans for spiritual evolution within limited box-field of experience! As it has been stated in ancien wisdom,incarnated humans are the extensions
of the Etenal,for an evolving and expanding Devine perfection.

-..Fighting, for enslaving-annihilating humanity, ( as their final goal ) is an act of ultimate treason  against God,s plans ,
and their Canstellation Fathers.Fighting against God Himself (after He degreed that game is over ),is an act of  ultimate stupidity.They are not any more a threat,for this planet.They are only a threat to themseves and their criminal mafia syndicate, the empire of evil,and the american people.

For the Archons,Annunaki,Nefelim or Fallen Angels,very little is known.The ex-mentors of the dark cabal,- the evil entities in human gestald,- and the secret lunatic sociaties-groups,are still a mystery.
It is suggested that at the beginning, they came directly from All That Is or The Source,in order to experience physicality.On their way down to the physical,they found the way to incarnate through a vessel or vehicle,without loosing either their spiritual power,or their highly advanced intelligence.It is also sugested that their home world planet is the mystery Planet X,WHICH IS 4-5 TIMES THE SIZE OF Earth,and that is a mothership,for interdimensional missions within the whole Multiverse,directly assigned to them by Source.These very advanced -high intelligence Entities,they considered (as is been decreed by Source ),their mission on this 3D plane derminated,and they returned to the Light,after signing The ANCHARA agreemend.They adviced also their represendatives-the dark cabal-to do the same,and abandon their plans on Earth.
Their advice is been rejected ,and this has a result,the play Humanity VS Lunatics to continue, until now-days,without certain visible outcome,regarding any changes to the balance of power,
and freedom of humanity...but anyway..
Unveiling the darkness continues in all levels,and all aspects of human life.Deception continues...but less convincing !
Lies,much more lies...but not convincing at all!!