Tuesday, November 17, 2015



Seraphin Message 247:

Through Rosie, 17th November 2015
In a previous piece, I, Seraphin, asked the question WHAT WOULD STOP YOU IN YOUR TRACKS IN WONDER?* This was well received, enhanced as it was with beautiful photos of the natural world. So how will you react to this message, dear children on earth, which requests you to contemplate WHAT IS ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU CRY? WHAT WILL MAKE YOU STOP IN YOUR TRACKS AND BREAK DOWN? Just as the world is full of beauty, it is also full of the opposite, and it would be extremely negligent of you to direct your gaze towards the one while totally disregarding the other. To do so is to DENY REALITY and to ABDICATE RESPONSBILITY and to RESIGN YOURSELVES TO A FEELING OF HELPLESSNESS. It is strictly necessary to look at everything STRAIGHT ON and with a CRITICAL EYE.

So what will make you break down, Beloveds? Will it be the friend who dies? Will it be the stranger who dies? Will it be the failing of your garden crops or will it be the plastic islands wandering around your oceans? Will it be your personal plight or failed relationships or will it be the plight of your earth and the seeming insolvable problems she is presently encountering? Will it be the unfulfillment of your personal desires and greediness, or will it be the realisation that humanity is veering towards TOTAL INHUMANITY AND COLLAPSE?

As always, we ask provoking questions in order for you to gain a wider perspective. We may well say, again and again, that the situation is grave, but if you do not look beyond your own doorsteps, and if you do not do your own analysis, and if you turn cut off your connections to the outside world and the media, whether mainstream or internet (learn to compare!) THEN YOU ARE CONTRIBUTING TO THE PROBLEMS. CUTTING YOURSELVES OFF IN DESPAIR IS NOT THE ANSWER. As the situation becomes increasingly intense YOU WILL BE INCREASINGLY FORCED TO ENGAGE. If you do not, YOU ARE PROGRAMMING YOURSELVES FOR GREAT SHOCK FROM WHICH YOU WILL HAVE GREAT DIFFICULTY TO RECOVER.

This is the end of an era – an era which you have lived through – but your perception of it will never in your wildest dreams match up with the final conclusion which is heading your way. Thus, sharpen your minds, reassess EVERYTHING you have been taught, TURN EVERYTHING UPSIDE DOWN, RECOGNISE THAT THE TRUTH HAS BEEN WRAPPED UP TIGHTLY IN A SEALED BAG AND THROWN INTO A LAKE. It is your collective task to DIVE IN, RETRIEVE IT AND RE-EXAMINE IT, AND PUT IT ON DISPLAY FOR ALL TO SEE.

Our motivation is, as always, our love for you and our desire to prevent your own suffering. Seraphin