Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WWIII : ONE Step Away after Pr. Hollande - Putin meeting in Moscow

One Step Away From WW3

Only this Saturday we read that an emergency meeting was held in the morning in Moscow between President Putin and the French President François Hollande

Why did Hollande decide so suddenly to land in Moscow on his way back from Kazakhstan and to have an urgent secret meetng with Putin for several hours at the airport? And why was this meeting not reported by all the Western MSM, ...

The real reason why Hollande landed so suddenly in Moscow is a much more terrifying one. Only 24 hours ago France’s General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) discovered the planning of “la terreur spectaculaire” (English: spectacular terror attack, false flag attack) that has been planned by the criminal Obama regime.


One Step Away From WW3… and the Appearance of the Agarthans

President Hollande has admitted to Putin his fears that Russia would be forced to retaliate against the United States, according to well-informed Russian sources, and has expressed his alarm that France could be catastrophically impacted by such a conflict, which he, with his meeting with Putin, has attempted to prevent.
It is not known what the two heads of states have discussed in detail and decided to do, but it is a matter of fact that immediately after this meeting Putin ordered the urgent deployment of the S-400 ‘Triumph’ and Pantsir-S1 surface-to-air missile systems, as well as the Kasta radar station, to central Moscow this same morning on December the 6th.
This whole meeting is the more ominous,  as it came one day after the US Congress passed what is in essence a declaration of war against the Russian Federation.
This Obama regime declaration of war against the Russian Federation, known as House Resolution 758 was passed overwhelmingly by the US Congress without the American people’s knowledge and consent, as described by the award-winning author, and Professor of Economics (emeritus) at the University of Ottawa, Michel Chossudovsky, who stated in his recent article on this same issue:
America is on a “Hot War Footing”: House Legislation Paves the Way for War with Russia?” as follows:
The adoption of a major piece of legislation by the US House of Representatives on December 4th (H. Res. 758)  would provide (pending a vote in the Senate) a de facto green light to the US president and commander in chief to initiate –without congressional approval– a process of military confrontation with Russia.  
Global security is at stake. This historic vote –which potentially could affect the lives of hundreds of millions of people Worldwide– has received virtually no media coverage. A total media blackout prevails.   
The World is at a dangerous crossroads. Moscow has responded to US-NATO threats. Its borders are threatened.”
Former US Congressman Ron Paul, likewise blasted this declaration of war by stating:
Yesterday the US House passed what I consider to be one of the worst pieces of legislation ever. H. Res. 758 was billed as a resolution “strongly condemning the actions of the Russian Federation, under President Vladimir Putin, which has carried out a policy of aggression against neighboring countries aimed at political and economic domination.
In fact, the bill was 16 pages of war propaganda that should have made even neocons blush, if they were capable of such a thing. That is why I can hardly believe they are getting away with it again, and this time with even higher stakes: provoking a war with Russia that could result in total destruction!”

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