Tuesday, December 9, 2014



Seraphin Message 207: A CALL TO THE UNSUSPECTING

Through Rosie, 6th December 2014

To awake you from your slumberings, beloved children of earth, has been very very hard. Despite continuous efforts from the unseen angelic and celestial realms – efforts which are always in your favour and motivated by pure love – we have not achieved the success we were hoping for.

“Success” is perhaps a word which will not resonate with you. Maybe you will immediately retaliate and retort angrily WHAT HAVE YOU (OR THIS MESSENGER) GOT TO DO WITH MY LIFE AT THIS TIME? or HOW DARE THIS MESSENGER PRESUME I AM ASLEEP? or WHAT ON EARTH ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT?
These things which shall come to pass are not OF EARTH, beloveds. With earthly and material things you are all too familiar. They will be OF SPIRIT – a word which will conjure up so many different associations in your minds, according to present religious influences or convictions. We ask you to release these and be open to new concepts and new terms.

Your infusion with SPIRIT (or failure to recognise the existence of such) is the experience you lack and which will open up so many new perspectives and visions, with the result that the old world shall fall away like a fragile paper cut-out.

Because the world INSIDE YOU is unfamiliar ground, you may curl up and refuse to look. In fact this is an image – that of the embryo before birth – which is entirely relevant to this moment in time. Like small children with INFINITE POTENTIAL, bestowed with a DIVINE BLUEPRINT, you will receive the impetus to start NEW AND GLORIOUS GROWTH. It will be as if a beautiful bowl of spiritual fruits is handed to you on a silver platter. All you need to do, in all humility and gratitude, is take.

Will you respond THIS TIME, Beloveds, to the special gift you are offered? Or will you turn away in anger, in petulance, in disappointment or callous hardheartedness? Callous you sometimes seem to us, when we regard your widespread destructive behaviour on earth – whether towards each other or towards the generous and bounteous gifts of food and resources freely given by NATURE, by your ensouled planet who – still loving you deeply – grieves that you have not yet managed to stem the tide of carnage or to develop respect for every living being of whatever category.

Yet we do also know of your burdens and of the restrictions – unbeknown to yourselves – placed upon the humanoid form many many many eras ago. Your decrease in perception and abilities, schooled partly by the degenerated bodily material you inhabit, in combination with the “schooling” cemented into place by those on your planet who hold the strings of power, have kept spiritual evolution to a minimum for many centuries and beyond.

At the end of this cycle (which is actually a synchronisation of the end of many cycles on different levels) a leap in consciousness is now on offer to you. For you, the COMPLETELY UNSUSPECTING, it will be a difficult birth, involving shock, much self-questioning, and a reversal in modes of thinking. It will cause your view of the world and her people and her history to CHANGE DRAMATICALLY. It will FORCE YOU to reassess and become creative and flexible.

Resistance means NO GROWTH. And as a seed or flower or an embryo which grows no more, to grow NOT has very serious consequences – the slowing down and eventual extinguishing of life forces.

We realise that it is not easy to address you, the UNSUSPECTING, since you expect everything to continue as it always has, and since your lives have – so far – taken place in a realm which has been partitioned off from SPIRIT. This wall will now be removed. SPIRIT will flood in. It will penetrate your every cell. You may feel overwhelmed. You may reject it outright. You may surrender in love. You may accept it and integrate it into your lives.

Ponder that you have been living in a sort of artificially constructed womb up until this time, and that you are on the brink of REBIRTH INTO THE REAL, BRIGHT WORLD OF LIVING SPIRIT. We hope that our words and our worlds (in the sense of our concepts and perspectives) will reach you and prepare you for what is to come. We regret that the new worlds approaching you are so difficult to explain here in a brief and clear way, and that our words will probably provoke more questions than provide answers. This is only the beginning: you have a long career of learning in front of you, during which clarity can and will be gained for all the topics we touch upon so lightly here. You may look forward to GREAT EXPANSIONS in knowledge and consciousness on this spiritual journey.

Like the master who walked your planet 2000 years ago, and all the other messengers who preceded and followed him, we are searching out the “lost sheep” and invite them lovingly back into the DIVINE FOLD. We embrace you with love and great anticipation, Seraphin and the Legion of Light.