Wednesday, November 19, 2014

GFL : Formal Surrender Of Anunnaki Minions Is Now Imminent

Galactic Federation Of Light Say:

 Formal Surrender Of Anunnaki Minions Is  Now Imminent

The Superior Ones!

As usual it is a pleasure to get an update from the Galactic Federation of Light (reposted below).  It bears repeating:  Thousands of years ago, the Anunnaki created a breeder race of humans to control the other humans… this played out for thousands of years, there was a group of human hybrids among us, who would rape, steal, and bully their way around the world, slowly gaining control, and working AGAINST humanity, for their own selfish agendas.  These ones gained so much power, that they actually believe it is their right to have this power… and to do whatever they feel… they serve Lucifer (who is an angel of Light).. they are IMITATORS OF LOVE, and probably includes many public people who regularly engage in sacrifice, orgies, and continued plotting against their own species, as they feel they are MORE special than the rest of their own species…. just like the GFL message below says….   These ones now who remain separate will formally surrender, and may even be ‘blinked’ off the planet… that does happen you know… One scenario that may play out, is that those who continue to conspire against humanity and life itself, will be removed to a holographic environment, where their karma to steal another’s energy plays out instantaneously… it will a competitive environment, not cushioned by the presence of loving beings and timelines will DRAG OUT MUCH SLOWER than earth which is an environment with an opportunity to EVOLVE VERY FAST..
So please do not curse each other or those who feel more special than you… those who can remain on this planet, are those who are willing to love. On a planet like earth controlled thousands of years by dark forces… to have great love, is to have great courage, that ‘s why so few chose to ‘make a deal’, and limit themselves… people felt like the security was appropriate… we know how that feels do we not?