Thursday, October 16, 2014

Messages from God : The doorway to the life of miracles


Messages of Love

The doorway to this life of miracles is wonder and gratitude. The moment that you are grateful, you move from duality into the heart's jurisdiction, the heart's pure resonance. Gratitude, beloved ones, is the language spoken in the Real of Love, sung by the Angels and whispered as the shared breath that moves through All.
As this time makes itself known, it comes to your heart to seek entrance. It does not come to your mind, for the mind is simply the creator of this chimera, this projection of a dream's reality. The heart is the center of the living whole. It is truly the pattern of the energy of God I Am that brings to you your co-creatorship in its fullness with Me as we share this dance, both blended into the wholeness and loving each other eternally with beginning, without conclusion, yet ever multiplying this Love into ever-increasing expressions of the true creativity of the heart of God. This is you, beloved ones, the center of the ever-moving universe and that through which I ever love All I Am.
Messages of Love From The Messages from God

 2014-10-16 | Circle of Light