Wednesday, October 15, 2014

In The Middle : Bettween Good and Evil

As a Commend :
God created man with free choice. By doing so he created the potential to be either good
or evil. To be either with God or against God !The choice is always individually  ours. .There is no middle path .There is no such thing in creation. You can not be at the same time ,by choice, to be with God and the Devil. The middle path is leading nowhere. Because apathy is like super gravity. You can not go anywhere. It keeps you at the same place, the same level of ignorance.
Like in deep sleep. When we are in deep sleep we can  not perceive either light or darkness.
Life is both light and darkness, although darkness is considered to be the shadow of light.
It is the lack of light. It is not a self-existing  element. Otherwise we should have tow (2 )  different Gods. One by Whom Light is anchored, and one by whom darkness is imposed !! 
Actions are motivated by clearly defined intentions. Either good or evil. Apathy or the midle  path, is the non- intention state of unconscious being. And there is no God representing or promoting such a path.   
Who knows Babaji? Nobody. Who has the courage to learn to know me? Few. Who searches my closeness? Many, because they do not know what I demand and who I really am.
Unbearable are the tepid ones, unacceptable the half ones, inadequate is a human Being, who does all of what he does with half intentions, with half force and half interest. I do not know these human Beings as long until they change their behavior.

I do spend neither shadow nor Light in this case, because these human Beings are unworthy of both.

The tepid ones hold this world in their grip, the tepid ones, who full of jealousy and envy, full of hate and lack of love, make themselves into new Gurus without offering the least qualification for it. And qualified is the one, who has attained knowledge out of himself, from whom everything low has fallen 
off, and who knows that only clarity, simplicity and truth pave the way for the Light and manifest the way for Love.
How far do you want to go? Until the end without end; and the beginning without beginning? Until the Now?
Then come!
The path has been paved for you, the path has been prepared for you, and the path has been sketched out for you, because you are the Way, the Truth and Life.
This is the reality, which takes away the power 
of the past and the future over your life, because…. 
The way and the Now are two lovers, who cannot be
separated from each other by anything and anybody.

I am
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