Friday, October 31, 2014


Lies is the mixing of the obvious with the non- obvious
resulting to the Sophestry construct.
 Sophestry is the alchemy of a corrupted mind.


The King Revealed ..naked.

By definition man is born in essense and likenes of God.Enything else it is a lie.A big lie.
Lies has nothing to do with the Truth.God Is the Truth..There is no half truth or half lies.Half truth is by definition a lie.Within the core of Everything is inhirent the essense of The Creator. And this essense is a small part of the essense of God, and it is Eternal.Directly connected with Devine Intelligence..
Lies is the mixing of the obvious with the non- obvious.It is the alchemy of a corrupted mind and the  ultimate denial of the Truth 
A corrupted mind is modivated by pride,arrogancy,greet,and a faulse perception of power and use of power for controll and dominion.
The sophestry is the alhemy of a corrupted and sick mind,and it  has within its core the element of self-destruction.It can,t last for ever....You may fooled  the few, for long-long time,you may fooled many for long time,but not all for ever!
Sophestry has the ability to portray the right as wrong,the evil as good,the black as white,the curse as a blessing.But has not the ability or the potential,to transform the temporary into permanent.
The constractive elements of the faulse reality are falling apart,and the total collapse is a matter of time.The real face of the monster is revealed,and so its intentions.
Finally, they found themselves entrapped by their own plans..and there is no way out.
They will be victims of their own actions..with no possibility to act or respond accordingly!!
Doom and boom,up and down is finished,,,,and the King revealed to be naked !!