Thursday, June 26, 2014

Out of the Cage......A New Window

Stairway To Heaven - heaven, led zeppelin, stairway, Stairway To Heaven

We live really in strange times.The Economic and social structures are in a stage of freeze.The same happens to the people.Emotionally and also in logical reasoning.We try to balance bettween life and death,bettween yesterday and to-day,bettween to-day and tomorrow!
We try to balance things bettween the numbers provided by a sick minded elite,and our reality.There is a big differnce in numbers and reality.Numbers are in a stage of prosperity!
In Reality nothing is moving forward.
The opposite is happening.Business are closing down,people are loosing their jops and left without income.The less money  or no money we are getting,the more money we are asked to pay for the survival of the vampirs-elite governance.
The,after all,very sympathetic to us,minister of social secutity,is setting up the network for providing the minimum income required,for all cypriots.Our Presidend is very umbitius on this matter.All cypriots will be getting this 400 euros.You don,t need more in order to servive,in conditions of modern slavery.
The experimend started by Troika and the local represetatives of the company of demons,continues.Without any sympathy or compasion for the innocent people and the new    generation,sacrificed for their criminal plans.
People does not need to much in order to servive...but we do need new visions with new, honoured and inspired people.The old ones are living in a sea of mind and mental confusion.They create misery and suffering,presended to us as a new Eden!!They destroy people,bussines and life,and they suggest that they build and create the New.Their new system of control over people!.
And they enjoy it...because they love(!) people...and they are well trained to deceive everybody.