Thursday, June 26, 2014

Falling Apart : The Great Fall

***Light needs to dispel the myths inherent in Darkness, but which without we could never see the truest balance between the two.”
Sorcha Faal, 3 February 2007

Heaven - cloud, heaven, sky, nature

Falling Apart 

During the days of darkness-like these days-we recognise the greatness
of light and its absence which cause a reversing seguense of events,leading to destruction of all forms of life.
Darkness is prodjected to the outer world,though limits and limitations
of light functioning within all forms of life.
- light = darkness+ 
Closing all access of light you may have the absolude darkness...and the death of all life forms!!
There must be a balance bettween the two,in order to keep things going on,and life to continue and evolve.
The non-balance in the pair of opposites and when darkness prevailed,
is causing a negative effect in all life,s forms,activating the element of 
self-destruction, inherent in darkness,leading to total destruction.
The presend global elite or the not from the light.They try to presend themseves and discuised as masters of the light!
Light has nothing to do with corruption,greet,war crimes,poverty,misery,pain and suffering.Darkness does!!
It is the time of revealations.The time darkness reveals itself!
The veils are falling and the clouds are dispersed.
In their desparaite effort to keep control and prodect their financial 
interests globally,they follow the path of destruction.Like their ancestors.Their extinction prodocol is in force.
But their demise followes.It is the law of attraction!!