Wednesday, May 28, 2014



By Divine Dancing Daughters
May 23, 2014 - 4:19:07 AM
21 May 2014

Good evening - our most beloved and cherished friends of earth. It is indeed a fine day, regardless of what weather conditions you are experiencing in any given place on the globe today. And time for change is ever upon you...
Do you feel able to handle upheavals that may occur around you?
Are you willing to rush to the aid of individuals who are in crisis, where you may be required to SACRIFICE something of your own life in that moment?
Do you sense an increase in and are you feeling confident of your gifts and abilities at crowd control- the steering away from hysteria and the moving towards a state of calm and reason by whatever the means at your disposal?
Are you in a state of fear and anxiety more often than you are in one of harmony and peace yourself currently? If so, it is best to step aside and guide from within the crowd, where an equal amount of work is to be done.
Would you give up or share your living space and what resources are within it that the discomfort of others might be aided?
Would you help a person up from the gutter, quite literally, even if it meant slowing down your own rate of perceived progress and when no others would step forward to help?
Do you struggle internally with discerning where others are at? What their motives might be at any given time? And, if so, can you separate yourselves from them comfortably and without holding yourselves in guilt or obligation over them or their situation?
How do you feel when confronted by conflict between others? And how do you feel in your own situations of conflict and your emotional intelligence skills in resolving these?
We ask all these questions of you today beloved friends, as this is what you have been preparing yourselves to deal with. And we see that many of you are ready to ‘face the music' here. These situations will be some of the greatest opportunities to showcase your growth and spiritual maturity and move up several more rungs on the ladder of your evolutionary journey.
It is all too often that we witness so much talk of Love and Light and Harmony and Peace. But what of those things within us all that are the very obstacles that may- in very practical ways- stop that flow of Love and Light within? THAT is a much more important question. And It is about shifting your perception here.
No one promised you a bed of roses or a rose garden in this ‘end of days' period. At least not without getting entangled with a few thorns en route first.
Well, that is a fitting analogy as we see you as the roses amongst the many thorns. As well as seeing you as those who need to make their way PAST the thorns to arrive at the beauty of the roses. :)

We leave this with you for now. We are most grateful you have given your time to the understanding of this message as it will serve you well once you move into the ‘action' stage.

Our blessings abound for all upon the Earth at this time. And we stand by, ever in support and service to you.

WE ARE the Divine Dancing Daughters.