Sunday, April 27, 2014

LIGHT vs Light

LIGHT vs Light By Buddha thru Hazel
Apr 25, 2014 - 9:38:58 PM
LIGHT vs Light

It is the dawn of LIGHT, the natural alignment, the effervescent coordinate. The lamps are lit to aid you in retracing your steps out of the myriad worlds of time to the point of forgetfulness. For it is in forgetfulness that you shall remember. The life without must be lost for the life within to be gained. Ponder these words and allow its meaning to disturb your current relationship with your dubious understanding of life and light.

Pale is the light you seek- as light has no very colour. It is a fiction that creates a beautiful rendition for the outlet of life in the crib of what we call creation. Light is a custodian of the human experience as it enchants the eyes to see external effects. It bars true vision and it propels the consciousness to accept vibrations not in accordance with the pursuit of THE LIGHT.

The light at your human disposal is changeable but the true LIGHT is immutable/unchangeable. The latter is inconspicuous save through insight.

Light is a perplexity, an acronym (LITTLE INSIGHT GOVERNING HUMAN TRUTH) a conjured reality for the senses to dilute the reverence of the mystical.

There is in truth no shades of LIGHT for LIGHT is ineffable, concentrated at one point yet eternal is concept and favour.

The fusion of colour relayed in your eyes makes light a reality, but such fineness cannot be envisioned. The image of light reveals a world for you that is non-existent- it obscures your reality- which is inward in content. Defer to the inward and establish your vision. This is the retreat of Holy Expression-The sanctuary of purpose. Perfect your will and then you shall feel the torch of enlightenment singe your mind. You shall then endure the lifting of the inner veil to reveal the temple of knowledge which shall scald and embitter the outer sense of sight to reveal a new and healthy vision. The murky waters of truth that you currently tread will at once become clarified in the wake of your en-LIGHT-en-ment. Then you will know this LIGHT as LOVE IS GOVERNING HUMAN TRUTH.

Lord Buddha