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For God so loved the world that HE has come HIMSELF to bring HIS children home

**He who wands to see My Father,he has to see ME
first,Because I and MY FATHER are ONE.**

For God so loved the world that HE has come HIMSELF to bring HIS children home
By Hazel's OverSoul
Apr 25, 2014 - 11:41:26 PM
For God so loved the world that HE has come HIMSELF to bring HIS children home

Your bible tells you ‘For God so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but shall have everlasting life.’

I have come to reorient your belief through rightful thinking so that you may see that this teaching of old has been interfered with to serve the purpose of separation; to trash the truth that each individuation of Source is a son and daughter, as well as the Source in manifestation.

The clueless will believe the vanity of such a statement for they desire to bow to and laud a being that can save them, with the promise of eternal life in exchange for the belief in HIS Son. It reeks of a pact that God is making with HIS children to ensure and earn their belief in HIS ONLY son. It sings a song of sacrifice that God has made for HIS children in love and out of love. HE so loved HIS children that HE would send one of them to die for the others to secure their salvation. How can anyone with reasoning mind and with God presence believe such foolhardiness?

How many believe that to accept God or the Son as their Lord and Saviour will save them from death eternal and earn them life eternal? How many out of fear believe in God for the very reason to secure life instead of the impoverishment of eternal damnation or death? Is it love that drives or motivates the belief or is it fear for one’s salvation? Is it a need to know God in truth and be aligned with HIS nature or is it fear of HELL? Perhaps it is a love of a belief rather than God Himself? How can you love a God you do not know? Do you love the supposed sacrifice that God made in sending HIS beloved Son to die for your self-created sins, and thus your love for God is moved by HIS selflessness? Do you love the Son because He purged you of your sins through the shedding of His blood? Do you love Him because he bore the pain of humiliation, degradation, abuse and alleged death ALL FOR YOU? Do you know Him in truth or do you seek to believe in Him because you were taught it is correct to do so? How about being honest during this time with yourself?

‘Settlers’ of perceived truth and ‘Pilgrims’ of truth will have different answers to the above questions given for contemplation. Pilgrims will always uncover and discover, if their intent is truth; settlers will always accept what is given to them without question or exploration.

I will firstly correct the misconception and false belief that God has One begotten son. All that commeth from God are children of God. Each person is a begotten son and daughter of God. Yet not all know that they are God in manifest and so they keep seeking a God, Saviour and Redeemer outside of themselves. Their beliefs are fashioned by the thoughts and beliefs of others. They resent the independence of self thinking and feel unworthy within themselves to accept the reality of truth, which is that they hold the infinite intelligence of the ONE GOD within them. The consciousness of the ONE cannot be divided. It is in all things and everywhere. It is however, easier to follow than it is to think for one’s self, and form one’s own belief through inner exploration with the intent of truth seeking.

When you begin to know yourself as God and can recite with unequivocality that I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE, then you earn the right to call yourself a begotten son/daughter of God. In the interim you must marshal your thoughts and disregard the musings of those who project ‘a belief’ as truth out of obedience or custom, and begin from the premise, that if I am a creation of God then God’s is within me. As you travel through your mind you will reach a pinnacle which extends beyond the human mind. It is this mind which holds the answers or truth you seek. Truth cannot be obtained without quest. Acceptance of what others say or acceptance of long held beliefs is no longer a viable alternative for those who desire to know the Source of their being.

You do not stumble upon the God within yourself. You must have a route map which guides you to the only RESOURCE that holds everything you ever desired. When you begin to recognise this resource within yourself, you divest yourself of notions, beliefs and false adages which keep you stuck in the mindset of separation.

The ‘begotten son’ was not sent, but chose to incarnate upon your earth plane to fulfil a mission that would earn Him the right to fully govern His Universe. He did not come to save mankind but to lead and teach by example, Gods love for all HIS children through the Oneness of ALL. He came to encourage man to see himself as immortal even in his current seat of consciousness and to know that death was not a reality. He came to resurrect the consciousness of God amongst and within the people, which would set a standard of living to a consciousness unpolluted by fear, divisiveness and hatred.

He did not come to sacrifice His life to save any human being. He did not come to guarantee eternal life for those who believed in Him. He came to establish a kingdom of love in the hearts of men and women that they would choose and desire their right to eternal life.

The sequel to the hidden story of the ‘Christ Years’ is to reveal and expose the hindrances to man’s evolution and time will cease to stand still in the play of man’s consciousness. For God so loved the world that HE has come HIMSELF to bring HIS children home. Will you recognise HIM NOW; can you recognise HIM NOW- HE IS HERE.

Higher self- MY OVERSOUL

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