Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Journey Beyond Matter !

Picture-Kagaya Callery.

Walking within darkness,observing,studying,mastering,
gratuading,IS, for transforming darkness into Light !
In a previous post we suggested that :
- Humanity,s shifting of conciousness to Christ/conciousness,gives hopes,raise expectations,and increases possibilities of changing the flow of energies,and altering circumstanses -
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What is the action reguired to be taken,in order to change or to divert the flow of energies
reguired, for balansing circumstanses,and change the flow of events?
All Ascended Masters and also Cosmic Masters,agree, that Few can make the differense, but many can move mountains and more!
For altering circumstanses,GOD way is the only way. But how one is perceiving this
Way,is a matter of enlightment and wisdom. Finaly,what is giving merits to man,s evolution,and shifting of conciousness,is not, what one thinks or he believes deep inside,but his actions.
Actions are the outpicturing or manifestation of one,s thoughts,believes,and life dreams,and thus,is what defines one,s lower or higher self.
In this critical cycle of humanity,s evolution and shifting of conciousness,to higher levels of existanse,all energies flows with GOD Grace,within the Sacred Triangle of Christ/Christ Manu (in the center) _Spirit of Peace_and Avatar of Synthesis.
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Our Ascension is related to the Ascension Process of the Entire UNIVERSE,the End of Dualty,and finally the coming of Unity,One Vibration,the time of Oneness and ALL THAT IS.

Spirituality+Plus =Matter - Minus density -Neg.vibration - gravity
.- Spirit is the higher form of matter and matter is the lower form of Spirit -.
The nearer,in terms of creation,to the spirit or cosmic intelligense,the nearer to the Reality of the Devine.
Any creation,which is related to the lower form of Spirit,and therefore matter,is considered as Non-Real,because of the essense of the consisting elements,which are very far away,or at the bottom level of the Devine aspect of Spirit.This could be defined,in absolute terms of Density, Vibrations,and Gravity within the Cosmic field of Energy Flow,and Universal Gravity.

The predifined applied conditions , bindings-limits-limitations,and also the limits-limitations in perception of the Beings incarnated, are creating conditions of temporary diversification of Time-Space, by ceasing Circularity(circular time cease to exist).Perception of existanse of Linear time appears,which exist only on our 3D world. Also the distortion of the objective and the subjective world,because of the gravity of Matter,the Density and Vibrations,are creating conditions of perceiving cosmos - microcosmos or macrocosmos -through brokken mirrors or through the eyes of Mayia.Conditions veiling reality,or causing distortion or misfunction within Reality,are creating the world of illusions,and the main cause of the SEPARATION from any aspect of the DEVINE.
Walking within darkness,observing,studing,mastering,

gratuading,IS, for transforming darkness into Light ! By increasing Spirituality,this alone, is leading to the ascension of matter,or to the lowering of matter,s density, to the ceasing of the co- existing factors creating the world of illusions, and separation from the Devine aspects of The Greator.The matter,s density and gravity,is the major factor of man,s limited perception,and the cause of Light forms diversifications,-paramorfosis(distortion)-resulding in perceiving illusions as Reality,through the eyes of MAYIA.