Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Answers From Beyond : World of Illusions and The Burne Identity

...If I always stayed on the mountain top
And never experienced pain,
I would never appreciate God's love
And would be living in vain...

I have so much to learn
And my growth is very slow,
Sometimes I need the mountain tops,
But it's in the valleys I grow

- Jane Eggleston~


Answers From Beyond 

-The Burne Identity-World of Illusions


HS._  Greedings to you my dear One.Long time hear from you.Do you have time ....

LS._  I always have time for you my Lord and you know it.Especially these days.I think we are in the mist of chaos here...

HS._ There is no such think dear One.It is all a prodjection of your mind.It is an Illusion!!

LS_  With all respect my HS ,I have the impresion that you are kidding me.Can you explain this to me please.

.HS_  From the point I AM,what you see,and perceive,is your creation.It is a reflection or out-picturing of your-self.Chaos as you defined it,is a non-conditioned condition! An out of cotrol situation.It is the pre-stage of an evolving to a higher level or state  reality or being.Within this chaos  Is the ideation or the seeds of your new reality.

LS_ So there is no such thing over there.It is only here?

HS_ Yes,and that,s why I sent you there,to learn from you and through you...

LS_ That,s more confusing my HS One.What do you mean by that?

HS_Try to undersdand my dear One! Let me go on with this.Once upon the time ,you and Me,we used to be One.Because of this ( Prodject ) - Humanity Prodject -I was asked,not instructed,to send you here,to this new 3d University of Duality,and Separation.Is been a new ,and very tough field of experiense,and believe me, i had to do it,in my own free will.Let me tell you also, that I-YOU we signed contracts for this mission or assigment!!

LS_ Slow down my... Lord. Because you know everything , iam not necessarily know everything to..

HS_Be patient and Let me explain. You see I am a God,I am a small part of Him,in essense and likness.So shortly speaking,i never born and i,ll never die! I know almost everything the same time.!Past,presend future.Also i can be in differend places at the same time,and at the same place in differend times.!!

LS_ Lets take it one by one,my.. Lord .You mentioned before, that the contracts were signed before incarnation here.You speak about the contracts,because you are in the knowing.Me,i do not know,because i dn,t remember,if i signed contract or not.So whats the value,if you can,t remember.

 HS_ In a way,you are right my dearest one.But its a little bit trickie,what you are saying.And let me clarify on this.Coming in to this field, through the incarnation chanell,you are landed here in a stage of complete amnesia,i should say.You abondoned your conciousness,and you forgot your memories.You came here like.. blank sheet minded.You ,ve been separated from me intentionally,and you walked away the farest you could go.At the beginning,you been destined,either not to seeing me,or hear from me.I was always next to you,in good and bad times.In happiness or sadness.In peace or war.Calmness or turmoil.The whole thing was,you find me and not the other way round.And then happened the unexpected(?) and not predicted(?).....You have been hidjacked by the bad guys.!!

LS_ Wait a minite..You wand me to believe this?You said before,that you know everything the same time.Past,presend,future.You owed to know any possible scenario.!

HS_ You may take it as you like.You are now,nearer to me,and you can see things better..All is a matter of choice and free will, for both sides, Light and dark.I knew the end of the end..and that was guide good enough.What was happening in bettween, was not to be taken into account.The hidjacking of Humanity Prodject by your dark brothers,created a chain of seguenses,leading by itself,to a predefined outcome,

according to the Law of CAUSE - EFFECT.Predefining this way, the fate and destiny of your dark brothers.You see all are set in such a way,that any path you take,drives finally,to Light.Light always win.

 LS_ That,s pretty Lord,i am glad to hear it.All you are saying,is connected with the presend situation on Erth,and i think that is still a war. Light vs darkness here,and yet there is no clear picture.At least for me,what the outcome should be.But before we discuse this issue,i should like to ask a very importand guestion  -,although i am nearer to you-and to be honest-i can,t have an unsewr so far.

How does darkness is reflected in creation,in real life,especially within this 3d feild of experiense?

HS_We have to go back in time,and also to the Source of life.Creation,my dear One,is based on the Devine Template of Creation,which are also the 3 aspects of God : Will - Power,Love - Wisdom,and Spirit - Cosmic Intelligense.The Whole Creation is embodied from the beginning up to the end by these sacret elements.No-body can add on this Devine Template.
During the Fall and the Rebellion of the fallen ones,Ajura (Lucifer),said that he could create
better than his Father.As we said,no-body could add on the Template of Creation,so he deducts instead.He deducted from his creative model,the second aspect ,which is Love.By doing so,he transformed his creative model into a smaller box.He was not creating new forms of life through primary element of spirit.He was just manipulating existing forms
of life,either through cloning,or genetic engeenearing.So he was not a creator son,but an uncreating one.

LS_How does,all these,have any relation or are interconnected,with humanity ?

HS_Through the incarnation channell to Earth,a 12 DNA strands,Light Being,is falling to the lower level of the spectrum in all universe,resulting to a complete blank sheet minded conditioned condition,and total amnesia, in respect of previous life experiense and aguired knowledge.
The lost identity of all Light Beings,participating on this experiment,and incarnated on this planet,gave the opportunity to the dark side,to hidjack the experiment.!

LS_You told me this before my Higher One but What is the meaning of Hidjacking the experiment?Does anybody can take anything from GOD,s Hands?

HS_The answer is definetly NO.
We have always to remember,that what looks to our perception as endless time, is just a glimpse of the eye of THE CREATOR within Eternity.
In times of duality, or otherwise, during the times of Light vs Darkness,the modivating element of expanding man,s mind horisons,concious awakening and spiritual awareness,is the pairs of opposites ,which in a mystyrious way,drives back to the lost source of Light within,and reunion with our own God.
The discovery of the Path is just the beginning of the great jurneyLeading back to Reality of Heavens and reunion with the Light Family and our ancestors.
Our dream was from the very beginning,and is still is,to find our lost idendity,our REAL self.Lost, during the milleniums of darkness ,prevailed at the times of Atlantis and the fall.
The world of illusions and the dream of non-reality, created by the masters of the dark side,the illuminati,their representatives and their minions on Earth,resulted to a complete veiling of Earth by darkness,through attacks, either from the inside(Lusifer) or from the outside(Achriman).

LS_How and when my Higher One,did the Dark side,prevailed,and why this is considered to be the Fall also of Humanity?

HS_Continuing Darkness Unveil, we may have to go back ,at the times of Atlantis,when dark forces prevailed,and hidjaked the experiment. Atlantis era,is been the highest civilisation reached so far on Earth,and is been a time of full joy,untill the militants,represending the Dark side,took the power.Controlling thereafter by all means,all aspects of life,destroying all, connected or related to Light..It is considered to be also the fall of Humanity,because that times the collective didn,t responded to the militants plans,in any way.Only showing apathy to the unfold events,and this resulted as an additional factor,to put the Planet under guarantee and isolation,from the rest of the Galactic Family and the whole Universe.

LS_You spoke about the collective,s respond at those times.What about the Brotherhood of Light
and the 12th dimensional Beings,living those times in Atlantis?

HS_Tha,s a very clever guestion my dear one.These Beings,were very spiritual beings,and not Light Worriors.They had all the power to defence Themselves,but not to start a war with the dark forces.
So,by Prevailing Darkness, forced all masters of the Brotherhood of Light,to withdrawll from Erth,leaving everything, in the hands of the Distroyers and to soulless dark entieties and the militants.
It is good to mention here,that the Leader-Emperor of Atlantis,was a top of the mountain-Entity.

LS_How did the other side succeded to establish controll and dominion over the Planet and Humanity
my ..Lord?

HS_After darkness prevailed,the system applied and established ,based in tow(2)  objective
targets,for absolute control and dominion:
1. Achriman,s plan or objective tatget:
a. control of money and wealth resourses.
b. controll of power-decision making,administration-.
2. Ajura,s plan or objective targets:
a. .new dream
b. manipulation
c. mental and mind deception
d. new non-reality,by creating a new world of illusions.
e. FEAR as the interconnecting factor of implementation of all objective targets.
f.production of conditions of misery and poverty,for controlling destiny of masses and therefore Humanity.