Tuesday, December 10, 2013

St. Germain Speaks about the New Violet Flame

St. Germain Speaks about the New Violet Flame


Through Nascia, Dec. 7, 2013

My Dearly Beloveds,

today I would like to speak about the Violet Flame, which has always been my Healing Flame for all and everyone who called on me.

Now I provided this Flame with the most intense energies, which had been given to me by my team partner CM and which characterize nothing other than our Creator Source of ALL THAT IS.

Beloveds, today I place It at your disposal; receive It’s emanating Force, perceive It with your Inner Eye by just thinking of It. Feel the energy that is flowing deep into your very BEING, your I AM, YOUR SELVES.

You are now ready to absorb these energies, as you have reached the point in time, where you will need those forces in order to ensure that you successfully pass the next few remaining weeks.

I have finally fulfilled all my assignments that have been given to me by CM and our Father.

I will be moving on, but the Violet Flame will stay with me as my emblem forever.

Some of you will proceed their common path with me.

We will meet again for new destinations which you will recognize as soon as the time has come.

Have Faith in your BEING.

Call my name, and the newly charged Violet Flame will be activated within you.

Oh, how much I do love you who can not yet fully comprehend the total extent of the revelation!

Oh, how pleased I am to welcome you here with me!

Together, we will celebrate extensively and cheerfully.

My Beloveds, stay close by my side for as always, I am reaching out my hands to you – take them!

My Blessings with the Violet Flame and my Love are certain to you.

St. Germain