Tuesday, December 10, 2013

~Sophia : Who will be our Mockingjay?

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Who will be our Mockingjay?

It took a few years.  At first, the synopsis was too foreign and appalling to be interesting enough to read.  Humans hunting each other to earn the right to eat; how could such a tale hold mass appeal?  Donald Sutherland, President Snow in the films, explains why here.  Having read all three books now, and seen both movies – I understand.  As horrific as Panem’s government sounds, we are heading there now.

I disagree with Donald Sutherland.  I don’t hope the young will rise up and revolt.  Revolt is what the government is ready for.  They have better weapons, more of them, and years of planning in their favor.

There is one thing we have that they don’t and it is people, 7 billion people.  This brilliant campaign of ownership depends on our compliance to continue.  We have to stop paying for our own enslavement.  Without funding this program of control ends.

In April 2012, this video was released, advocating non violent revolution.  The frame I would remove today says “In May pay both bills”.   

What is being done in the name of commerce is fraudulent and criminal.  Today’s update from an offworld contact offers insight into the Illuminati’s current plans.  This is current; the tanks you see were deployed in 2013 in cities all over the United States of America.

Last week, a dear friend of mine left us.  As the family was arranging schedules and flights to say a final goodbye, his daughter was asked if flying in on Sunday (yesterday) would work.  “No” she replied, “get here now.  It’s happening.”  He passed over last Friday.

If there is one thing to take from this post it is this – “It’s happening.”  The time to act is now.  Who will be our Mockingjay?  The Mockingjay equals hope.  Hope is the only thing that will overcome fear.  When all else fails, and there is nothing to lose, hope is what will push you forward every time.

It is a challenge to go against everything you’ve ever been taught.  You are tired.  You struggle each day with little energy left for anything but your own survival.  Non-compliance will only work if you believe.  Believe you can change things, and you will.

You are not alone. There are billions of us. Whatever you choose to do is also being done by someone else.  Find each other.  Stop paying your unsecured debt, start a local currency, run for office in your town, start a school, start a food co-op, work on energy alternatives, change something.  Somehow, some way, quietly revolt. 

Katniss, the Mockingjay, became the national symbol for hope in the country of Panem.  We need more than one of us to inspire hope now.  We need all of us.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

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