Sunday, November 24, 2013

Your Saviour...

Your Saviour is here. And He is expecting you.!
He has all you need to take you out of the valley of shadows.
He has all the knowledge and wisdom to guide you,to protect you!!
He posses all the power and Divine intelligence to lead you out of the
valley of sorrow and despair.He is your most faithful and devoted friend..
He is always there for you.In good times and bad times.In times of peace
and times of  turmoil.Times of joy and happiness and times of pain
and despair.With no regrets or complains.
 You will find Him to accompany and guide you.
Sometimes in frond  of you,next to you ,or behind you.
He can make for you all you consider as impossible,possible.
He is your Higher Self.
He came half way from the higher places for your reunion.
The other half way is yours.Because nobody else can be.
In frond of you.
Next to you.
Or behind you.