Wednesday, November 27, 2013

You are not poor in spirit but perfect in light.

You are not poor in spirit but perfect in light.

By Esu/CM thru Hazel
Nov 27, 2013 - 11:31:29 PM
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Dear Friends

On Sunday whilst teaching I received this message from Esu who was present with me. It was a message to my group of 12 students.

Message from Esu

This is the Christ whose energy is anchored within each heart.  I am in your midst aligned with your potential. There is no space or gap between us save in your perception and awareness which has not yet been explored. The territory of my consciousness is not fully explored, but progress is small on your fragile earth.

The earth has rested on a platform of penury for many aeons as the bile of dark desires have netted her in. If you can imagine the Phoenix rising you will imagine how her nature and disposition has changed as she breaks free.

She is rising and her glory ascends as the magnificent light of Creator Source propels her vibration. HIS breath has released her and you of this civilisation. HIS breath becomes the new platform. Prepare to undertake your role in unison for the mother needs you. As she releases so too will you. Alignment is crucial now as we empty your plane of malignant energies.

You are not poor in spirit but perfect in light. Your spirit is to be venerated. As your spirit value increases in your awareness, you will begin to brandish self with new verbiage. You will not see yourself in weakness but practiced in the root and origin of a telling capacity – perpetual and lived in a frequency of unforgettable joy and divinity. Consume only the essence of spirit and there will be eradicated all that is unwise and duplicitous. A new and valid nature will be revealed within you.

Let not your heart be saddened but feel the resurrection of joy as I tap your heart centre and dignify that space with My essence to re-waken its memory of Me.

Blessed ones I AM in your presence even now. If you desire to feel me know you can for where you are I AM. Allow me to soothe the inner discomforts created from memories of distaste. Allow my energies to persevere in you and with you to overcome the shadows of despair which polarises you from the deepest part of you. I AM a living part of thee. Welcome Me and expect to be healed of the pain of separation for that is what pain is. It creates a dichotomy in your understanding. It tells an imperfect tale of a perfect being. Let go of the pain for there is no separation, and begin to experience the wholeness of your heart energy. Know that you cannot undo perfection. It cannot be erased or replaced. You are always who you were. Cleanse your eyes so that your true vision returns.

I AM here to help each of you. I declare that you are perfect. Choose to reap the benefits of your perfection. I pray within each of you for your emancipation from all which creates havoc, polarities and insidious fear, that the utter light of accord can greet you in sincerity and bring a revelation within thyself.

Welcome to My world. Prepare to experience Me and allow the unity of being to prevail. Blessed be the purest light of God and HIS sparks, which you are.


Esu- The Christ
Michael- The Christ