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-  Ascension is not a New Location,but a Higher State of Conciousness.-

-...Nebadon's Creator God decided to experiment with ITs Universe; to create in such a way as to "push the envelope" as to what had been done before by other Creator Gods. IT wanted to see how far and how fast duality would progress if all or most cautions or stops were removed and the participants were not allowed to remember just who they truly are...
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All the events and happenings we are passing through as a collective,in recent times,is making no sense for many.
It is obvious,that the scenario,we are passing through,in recent times,is something which happened also,with other civilisations,either here on Earth,or in other star systems and Galaxies,before Ascension,to Higher Dimensional Field of Experiense.
In one of their channelled messages,the Pleadeans are saying,that before their Ascension -their Planet and their Collective -only few thousands of them,they have ascended,leading succesfully their people to Ascension.
Ascended Master S.Germain,the master of the 7th Ray,and the newTeacher of Humanity for the New Golden Age,is suggesting, that after the activation of All the Crystall Crids on 12/12/2012,the number of people ready to ascend on Earth,is 2(two) million individuals or Lightworkers.!
This is a sufficient number,to lead succesfully,the rest of Humanity and Planet Earth,to the final stage of the Ascension Process. ?
Futher more it is stated,that our Ascension is related to the Ascension Process of OUR Solar,Galactic and the Entire UNIVERSE,the End of Dualty,and finally the coming of Unity,One Vibration,the time of Oneness and ALL THAT IS.
In relation to this Universal Ascension Process,fundamental part is concidered to be, the Ascension of All Suns to the One and only One Central Sun of our Universe.See more about this Ascension Process...
Our 3D mode,or Field of Experiense,is considered to be,the lower level of the Spectrum,in whole Creation,and as that,is NOT REAL .In Secret Doctrine,H.P.Blavaskhy admitted,that it was also difficult for her to understand,or perceive the meaning of NON-REALITY of the matterial world,within, we live and breath. I think  this it is also happening to most of us,untill the time of our awakening,and mastering of the mysteries of the Ancients .
So what is REAL and NOT-REAL ?

THE VOLUNTEERS,AND THE MISSION OF THE ETERNAL- SELF(OVER-SOUL) : - The Fall into the Center of Darkness Gravity (Matter).   

The  Unigue Cosmic Experiment .

From the beginning,for anybody involved,is been a decision of Free Will.With the overall purpose,to combate-fight Darkness in all aspects.A challenge for walking within darkness,observing,studying,mastering,and finally ,finding the ways for transforming darkness into Light !
-......Lord Aton wanted to create a Universe which would extend the known boundaries of duality, of separation, to see where that would lead. Others Creator Gods had and were, in their NOW, doing this experiment also, however they were more cautious and conservative... NOT acting in the exaggerated, envelope busting degree that Lord Aton chose to create ITs Universe.
... Lord Aton asked for and attracted some of the bravest, most loving and curious Spirits in existence within the All That Is. These Spirits are who you truly are in your "whole and complete" form, beyond you as Over-Soul; beyond Creator God and even beyond Creator Source.-.....

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This NEW field of expiriense,was created with outter limits and limitations (bindings),and also by limiting the inside ability of the participating individuals,through the diminishing of DNA strands from 12(twelve),to 2(two)!!.

These factors created the objective,and subjective conditions of SEPARATION from the Devine Reality.The 10(ten) DNA strands,deducted from the physical body of the paricipading beings,were attached to the Astal body,and the challenge for all, coming to this 3D world, is to make conduct- after many life times and incarnations - with the Astral body,and find the lost identity,and the path for returning back to the original destiny and destination.To the Light.

Reality,is the reality of the Devine-Heaven,as manifested within Infinite and Eternity,through spirit and Cosmic Intelligense,as Cosmos. Reality is the Dream of GOD,MANIFESTING HIMSELF,as Unconditional Love,and Wisdom.
As "Spirit" you are consciously aware of your individuality, but also are aware that you ARE everything, a part of the All That Is... yet you can choose to take on various bodies in billions of dimensions and worlds, just for the love of the experience and the desire to learn and contribute. ALL of these experiences are available to anyone and everyone within the All That Is, so that all may learn and benefit from everything you think, do and experience

Spirit is the 3rt Aspect of GOD,manifested in Cosmos,as Cosmic Intelligense.(Father - Son -Spirit.

As is been defined by ancient wisdom.- Spirit is the higher form of matter and matter is the lower form of Spirit -.The nearer,in terms of creation,to the spirit or cosmic intelligense,the nearer to the Reality of the Devine.

Any creation,which is related to the lower form of Spirit,and therefore matter,is considered as NON-REAL,because of the characteristics,or the essense of the consisting elements,which are very far away,or at the bottom level of the Devine aspect of Spirit.This is translated,in absolute terms of TENSITY and VIBRATIONS.

The predifined applied conditions , bindings-limits-limitations,and also the limits-limitations in perception of the Beings incarnated on Erth,are creating conditions of temporary diversification of Time-Space, by ceasing Circularity(circular time cease to exist),and the perception of existanse of Linear time,which exist only on our 3D world.
Also the distortion of the objective and the subjective world,because of the gravity of Matter,the Density and Vibrations,are creating conditions of perceiving cosmos - microcosmos or macrocosmos -through brokken mirrors or through the eyes of Mayia.Conditions veiling reality,or causing distortion or misfuction within Reality,are creating the world of illusions,and the main cause of the SEPARATION from any aspect of the DEVINE.

What is the meaning of Darkness within our creation ?Does darkness is a self-existing element,or an after Light conditioned Condition? In genelal terms,darkness is considered to be the absense of Light - either in physicality,or in terms of the Devine aspects of love-wisdom-cosmic intelligense-knowledge e.t.c

The separation from the Devine,is causing a course of reversing seguensess,and further dettachement from any form of Light,which in turn is leading to the so called,Dark night of the soul,occuring in one,s life time,which in a mysterious way, is modivating the inner desire to find our Higher self,and discover the path for the return back to Light ,and to the Reality of Heavens.

..No ONE is more important than any other ONE. All are equally important and needed. Without even the smallest and seemingly least important of us, the ONE that we all are within, would be lessened and we would all know it and feel it in some way....

Travelling within matter,and far away from our original state of conciousness,is been a challenge for all incarnated on Earth.A challenge for experiensing and altering the imposible,in the initial stage of comlete amnesia,lost identity,and above all You,abondoned your own conciousness.!!The challenge is been only Yours.The choice for being here is been only Yours.The decision to get out,and open your wings and fly again,it is only YOURS .