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Bashar: Positive Interactions


Ascended Masters Speak is a series of messages given above space and time by various male and female Masters who desire to share their points of view regarding various subjects of their own choosing. Please join them for a more direct experience at anytime, just by reading the following discourse.


By Sehaji Master Lady Kata Daki

via Dhyana Markley

January 15, 2009

I am Kata Daki and today I would like to talk about Creator Source, the Over-Soul and Soul.

There appears to be much confusion as to exactly who we are as humans.

Are we a part of Creator Source? YES.

Are we part of an Over-Soul? YES.

Do we have a Soul? Probably everyone reading this article, YES.
However, not everyone you see and meet are "souled" individuals. Some are clones created and manipulated by an outside force (perhaps a dark Over-Soul), while others are half robot and half human, even though "created" by a couple who appear human having sex.

IF you have a Soul, then you are attached to an Over-Soul, which some call their "higher self". This Over-Soul is hooked up directly to Creator Source and Creator God, sometimes called Christ Michael. This connection between Soul and the others, mentioned above, is instantaneous. In other words, if you think or do something, anything, it is immediately known by the afore mentioned, if they choose to focus on you and what you are thinking and doing. Otherwise, what you do with your life, will be uploaded periodically to your Over-Soul and completely uploaded when you die or give up your physical body.

Now, Creator Source is that from which all Over-Souls are created who are going to be working and experiencing life within this Universe as well as other six (6) Universes in this creation's group of seven (7) Universes.

Once created, these Over-Souls are hooked up via a communication line to the Creator God of a specific Universe. Our Universe, Nebadon, is the responsibility of a Christ Michael, sometimes called Lord Aton, as well as other names. In fact, each of the seven Universes are run by a different "Christ Michael". Our Christ Michael does not run Universe Four, for example.

It is a Creator God's job to dream and decide what IT wants for ITs Universe, exactly how all will manifest; what it will look like, and; what the living beings within it, both Souled and unSouled, will BE like.

Nebadon's Creator God decided to experiment with ITs Universe; to create in such a way as to "push the envelope" as to what had been done before by other Creator Gods. IT wanted to see how far and how fast duality would progress if all or most cautions or stops were removed and the participants were not allowed to remember just who they truly are... Conscious Spirits who volunteered to take on an Over-Soul, by way of Creator Source; hook up with Creator God/Lord Aton of the sixth Universe; and, by way of the Over-Soul, create lives and personal Life Plans that will fit into the Divine Plan for the Universe.

Lord Aton wanted to create a Universe which would extend the known boundaries of duality, of separation, to see where that would lead. Others Creator Gods had and were, in their NOW, doing this experiment also, however they were more cautious and conservative... NOT acting in the exaggerated, envelope busting degree that Lord Aton chose to create ITs Universe.

Lord Aton asked for and attracted some of the bravest, most loving and curious Spirits in existence within the All That Is. These Spirits are who you truly are in your "whole and complete" form, beyond you as Over-Soul; beyond Creator God and even beyond Creator Source.

As "Spirit" you are consciously aware of your individuality, but also are aware that you ARE everything, a part of the All That Is... yet you can choose to take on various bodies in billions of dimensions and worlds, just for the love of the experience and the desire to learn and contribute. ALL of these experiences are available to anyone and everyone within the All That Is, so that all may learn and benefit from everything you think, do and experience.

Now the only great difference between Souled beings, is choice. We all have agreed to play in this Universe for awhile, with this Creator God/Lord Aton, via Creator Source, so in that way we are ALL alike. What makes us different is what WE choose to do, choose to experience. We will usually choose something we find fun or interesting. No one seems to want to do the same old things over and over again. So, if we were or are male in one life, our Over-Soul will split so that we can also experience being a female during that same time period, but perhaps in very different circumstances.

Now, I'm not saying that each Over-Soul only splits into two Souls, when in fact they can split themselves into many, many Souls, just as long as an Over-Soul always retains at least half of the larger Soul it started out with. There are also always "comings and goings" as Souls sent from that Over-Soul die and return and new Souls are sent forth into new lives.

I think by now you have a pretty good idea what a Soul is. But to be even more clear, a Soul is a fragment of an Over-Soul which is an information and experience gatherer for the experiments of a Creator God.

Now, Creator God/Lord Aton has also created a hierarchy of supporters that IT can depend upon to accomplish specific goals. Hence, the groupings such as Archangels, Angels, Manus, Ascended Masters, Seraphims, etc., each which do specific jobs then, eventually, volunteer for or graduate into other jobs.

It should be obvious now that no ONE is more important than any other ONE. All are equally important and needed. Without even the smallest and seemingly least important of us, the ONE that we all are within, would be lessened and we would all know it and feel it in some way.

I will leave you now to ponder my words. I am Kata Daki and I wish you a most adventuresome life.

                This may be freely shared as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given. Thank you.
~Dhyana Markley~