Thursday, August 8, 2013

Speaking for Ascension and THAT

Speaking for Ascension and the chifting to higher dimensional field of  experiense.....
There is a  place beyond your understanding.
Known only to your awareness,and to your  master within.
There is a place beyond the view of your eyes.
Listening  only to your voice of silense!
There is a place,beyond mind,s  reality.
Beyond duality.Beyond polarity.
Out and beyond of any idea of  right or wrong.(Rumi)
Out of any contractions,and beyond any
matterial needs or  desires!
That is the place of Unity,that is the place of Onennes.
When We  ,ll be ready,we,ll meet there...
Ascension has to do with our inner self,and the discovery from  our Higher Self,the pathway,which is going to lead us back Home,where we  belong,to our Devine Destiny and Destination.Back to the reality of Heavens.
Within YOU is THAT,which is the Flame of the Eternal,which IS never  born,and never dies.
THAT is the conditioned Eternal element of our  existanse,been before space and time!
THAT is the presense of ONENNES Within  one,s individual existanse.
THAT is concious  awakening,awareness,enlightment,liberation.
THAT is the absolute  link,bettween knoweledge and wisdom,bettween love and cosmic love.
THAT is  man,s likeness to GOD,THE TRUE,and absolute REALITY.....
 We breath, move,act,and we are alive,because within us,is THAT, which is the conditioned element of our existanse,and our aliveness?. Without This burning element,there is no life, no existanse. THAT,in terms of macrocosmos,is everething,within,we breath and act as living beings,everething we see or can,t see,everething we can think or dream about. THAT,is the pre-existing element of existanse,and is been before space and time,THAT, is space and time,and also the expanding conditioned element of space and time. THAT is timeless space and also spaceless time! In terms of ones microcosmic,life perception,THAT,is the conditioned element of aliveness within,it is the presense of ONENESS,or THE MIGHTY I AM PRESENSE, within one,s separate or individual existanse. THAT is the modevating element,and consious awakening, and awareness,enlightement and liberation. THAT is the connecting element,or GOD,S PRESENSE within, with CREATOR and all aspects of creation. THAT is the link bettween one,s individual existanse, and ONENESS,bettween ones self,and GOD and the SOURCE OF LIFE.? THAT is the absolute ling,bettween one,s individual knowledge, and GOD wisdom,individual,s love and cosmic love. THAT is the will,love and wisdom of GOD,and man,s Likeness to GOD. THAT is the Factor within Factors,it is the True and absolute Reality.