Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thou Shalt Not Steal from Yourself the Opportunity to be Free -New Commandment

   - You ,ve been free before you were birthed through ME.
You,ve been born in essense and likeness as ME.
When  you see and can,t see
when you listen and can,t listen
then you ,ll see ME in you
you ,ll listen the voice of silense within you
and that is MY voice within you
because I AM in you
and you are in ME
Because You and ME

Thou Shalt Not Steal from Yourself the Opportunity to be Free -New Commandment
By Greator - Source  thru Hazel
Mar 29, 2013 - 3:41:03 AM
Do you hear the echo from the void? Silence has no echo or sound. It just is. It has no beginning and no end. It is a field of unseen light. It is unimaginable and breathless. It exists everywhere. Silence does not dream for it knows that only it is real. The void from which all creation stemmed and will eventually merge, is the silent conduit of your freedom. The void is your haven, the beginning, the womb within which you gestated as MY mind conjured you into being.

You knew freedom before you were birthed through ME; freedom without fear or focus on the specific. You knew freedom as ME. The void was and is all. You knew all there was and is to know. Yet you desired to experience freedom elsewhere and so it was that you found yourself out of the void where possibilities are endless, into that which confined your eloquence and contained your absoluteness. You bestowed upon yourself the gift to travel the continents of space and time which I created for your benefit

I will rescue you, MY son will rescue you, BUT not with HIS life. HE did not pay for your salvation with HIS life. HE offered you the rod of salvation through HIS spirit that as you reckoned with truth you would find liberation.

HE will bless you again with HIS presence as HE leans down to lend you HIS hand. HE breathes fire to purge the parasitic warfare upon thee and soon the dying embers of charcoal will emit only a mild stench of decay and death and you will hold each other’s hands and walk toward the sacred lamp which I always held in front of thee.

I will sit with thee and dry thy tears and remind you again of your light, your essence and the politic of spirit. I will show you the void, the womb of your origin. I will remind you of the silence and reveal again to you what freedom feels like and how it is expressed. I will send you back to continue your journey and this time I will give to you a new commandment that you may refrain from the menial and engage your liberty. And so it goes ’Thou shalt not steal from thyself the opportunity to be free’.

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