Saturday, March 9, 2013

Christ Michael of Nebadon : THIS IS IT

By CM thru Johan
Mar 9, 2013 - 11:57:37 PM

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Thru Johan March 8.

This is Your Sovereign Christ Michael of Nebadon.
As you will hear more confirmation through other channels, so will you find this one loud and clear :


Oh yes, you heard that before. It will be up to you HOW you will experience the difference THIS TIME.

In the days to come, YOU who have bathed in ignorance since it suited you best and you could not care less about others, will finally meet your own judgement as all will land where they DESERVE to be.

We must proceed now as the myriad of plans and decisions taken in utter desperation by those who refuse to yield to their and our Heart, will only aggravate a delicate process in the making. Much time of fine tuning and careful preparations has resulted in THE LIGHT BEING READY TO TAKE OVER FULLY, what always has been the case, yet the dark assumed it differently. Time for assuming has ended. Time for KNOWING has arrived.

Enough advise and counseling has been made available, but as is usually the case, when a ruthless handful are ruling the masses, not much is reaching the hearts of those who need to hear it SO WE ARE STOPPING THE HIGHJACKING OF THIS SOCIETY AND CHANGING THE RULES BACK TO DIVINE RULE that Serves everybody. That handful and many cohorts will be removed swiftly and given ultimate choices. Those able, willing and ready to remain with the long awaited renewal and ascension process of Mother Earth will receive all assistance to do just that themselves, and all preparation has reached finality.

We understand the difficulty of credibility when so many earth years have passed since the first plans for CHANGE were made know in public and many have left the privilege of really being in the knowing and prepared, no matter what. The countless side roads and obstructions, deviations and last minute change of plans due to the infinite dark obsession with power of the elite might have taken us apparently of the main road temporarily, but equally countless opportunities and huge improvements to so many their future plans and options have balanced it all very well.

It takes great courage to keep standing against all odds and it took greater numbers to come and help out, BUT THE CRITICAL MASS HAS BEEN REACHED, and we are ready to proceed. The above mentioned appearances were just that : APPEARANCES. I have said it before : this is a world of appearances, YET about to step up on the Divine ladder into the Light. Surely, it will bring chaos and difficulty and again your courage will be tested, but without the mind control, the brainwashing, the manipulation, the greed, the careless and merciless killing and destruction of all and everything, as those dark ones had so refined into an art while blindfolding the rest.

No more of that. Construction will replace destruction. Love will replace hate and where resistance is met, assistance will make all the difference. Truth will replace the lies and deception. The classic path of truth : being applauded, being laughed at, being attacked and finally being accepted is running its final laps, with some unbelief, stubbornness and mere useless resistance left in the balance after the dust will have settled.

As Sovereign I like to thank and congratulate ALL those who have made it this far, who came to help, who came to make a difference, AND YOU DID. Lots of work and changes ahead, but I can assure you, IT WILL BE MIND BOGGLING to say the least. Most of this generation has only known breathing bad air, drinking contaminated and maltreated water, eating sugarcoated poison, being lied to and manipulated, being kept hostage from Truth and Love and Light and Beauty and Enjoyment, Happiness and Health. You can hardly imagine the difference, but I can assure you, it will be phenomenal. Any hardship in the new settings, how unfinished it may be, will be a seen as a blessing to handle in comparison to what you endure now. Community building and any kind of relationship amongst its members will bring joy and a renewed sense of belonging and appreciation you have rarely experienced.

Before that, lets get to work on a transition that will bring its challenges to acceptable levels as much help and assistance will be provided. Service to Others will be key and some of you have excelled in that against much counter wind, but kept offering. In doing so, some have connected with their past of Divine Service and showed the way to others. Now all hands and Hearts on deck, my Dearly Beloved Children and Co-workers and your Heart be filled with Delight and Enlightenment eyes have not seen and ears have not heard.

I salute you Dearly, My Light Workers, Star Seeds, Seeders of Light and again we ask you to stand ready in vigilance, but rejoice, as FREEDOM awaits you.

I am Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon, Your Sovereign.

Love and Light,