Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Ancients of Days Speak .....

"The Seven Kumaras, whom some Inner students have known as 'Lords of the Flame' from Venus, were the Only Ones from this entire system of planets, who of Their Own Free Will and Infinite Love, offered to guard the children of Earth and assist their upward progress. They came and gave transcendent help here at the most critical period of Earth's growth. It was the time of initiation that is most dangerous in the Life of a planet and its humanity, but through Their protection and guidance, the goal was attained and mankind has been enabled to reach the 'Greater Heights.'
 The Activity of the Kumaras is distinctly different from that of the Masters from the Central Sun. While the Kumaras come under the Activity from the Central Sun, yet Their Service to the Earth is distinctly different. Of all the seven Planets, They are the Ones who offered to take the Earth under Their supervision - under Their wing, so to speak.

Jun 22, 2012 -
Behold cometh the darkness upon your world
The darkness that shall in the end cause the great shining of light

For those that have found their light, shall come the opportunity to perceive great glory

For those who made the final rejection shall come the loss of glory and for most, the lost of who they be, as they are returned to the great uncreated to become again remade in the light, but not as their former selves
It is but the cycling of the universe. For old to new to old to new, to brighter even then the last new and so it shall be for those on earth.

After the days of no light, the planet will come forth in the beginning of its new glory. The Mother has won her great battle.