Sunday, September 23, 2012

MASTER S.GERMAIN : All is in Perfect Order : Celebrations are not our next step, getting the job done comes first

5D Erth
All is in Perfect Order

By Master S.Germain

Are you able to detach your energy from all that you consider "yours?" When you are called to ascend, will these attachments keep you in this continuum or can you deny the obstacles in the way? Are these distractions the only desires, or are there more? Only those who desire the ultimate in consciousness can ascend. When you are called to move out of the world you cannot take the world with you. Friends, family, animals, containers of items and all appearance choices must be left behind. Selling the worldly goods is one thing, many of you have already done that, but walking away without any of the heart's loved companions is another. When the body dies this is done. Can an opportunity to ascend get chosen over death as the means of dropping out of central city? Are you that enlightened?

People who are awake and detached can go to their death without any hesitation. But those still attached to mind/body answers to man's destiny cannot act on their consent alone. Mind must be in consent with the contract the soul chose and be able to detach. ***When the ascension call comes my dear ones won't be able to take anything they love with them. Answer this question now: Am I completely able to walk away? Most who are companions will want to give a managed consent with their "other" being included. What if the "other" is not able? Are you willing to let them remain? Most children will ascend with the ascending ones who are their caregivers. Those children needing a different experience for their next answer in awareness cannot ascend though, and must be given their next directions from others when you ascend. Can you go without them? It isn't going to be the next step for those who cannot demonstrate complete allegiance to their own inner knowing, especially when the mind and their love of others is not aligned. Can you do this?

My dear ones, ascension will make the choice obvious. Those attached cannot ascend. Choosing ascension and then not agreeing to leave is the candidates' option, and we want this choice to be made now. Give this question a mental test. Join the waiting list only when these questions are not in the undecided zone. Make a clear declaration of your intention. We would like a head count. Honesty will bring the awareness to all who need to know. We need you to be totally honest. Can you walk out the door to another dimension without looking back?

Fantasy about ascension has been the only avenue to date. Ascension was only the mind's imagination, as no data about the actual mechanisms of it are available. To most of you it is a "like," not an absolute goal. This is due to our not-so-easy job of calling you to consider and decide. We did not give all the details because this ascension is new to us too. Never before has a large group ascended. We have cancelled numerous calls in the conception phase due to lack of committed participants. What these trials offered was the way to conceive it, contact the ones who were open, and draw from them an understanding of their lack of conviction about the momentum we were catalysing for them. When we asked for an absolute commitment the few who agreed were not masters yet and did not have the ability to disappear during the collective mind's one day that was open for ascension. Now we have a much bigger door of concentric days available. Now we have numerous masters asking for ascension, and we have the collective consciousness able to create a new matrix of materialization that can withstand the loss of these masters.

Celebrations are not our next step, getting the job done comes first. So again my chelas are being called to ascend, will they agree when the door opens? We want you to greet that door with delight and go through it without any hesitation.

Finally, the day has come in our realm to tell you the most climactic change to occur on your continents: it will be the collapse of the controller's dream to control all of the world. That is not going to happen. It is not their drama to lead. I Am That I Am is not going to allow it. When the mass ascension occurs, the galaxy you are in is going to move. It will enter another dimension on its own and correct most of the games the controllers have begun. Gone will be money control, diet control, organized militia control and civil wars. Gone will be hard headed men going against the mass desires of their entire nation. Gone will be dictators and greedy conquerors. Open the door to ascension and the controllers die on their way to the bank. Their act in this play is about to end. Why is ascension critical to this cosmic alteration? The divine call will deliver more grace than what has ever been available. I Am That I Am has mandated these two concurrent activities. When the ascension occurs the galaxy containing all who ascend will move into another orbit—and there will be more than one outcome from this. When this occurs we will get to observe again all of the choices we have considered and chosen not to make available. A new life is about to manifest in a different way. The continuation of humanity can be uninterrupted. New choices can be made about all those things the controllers have deemed their domain. Freedom and caring for others may actually become your game.

But we need an ascending group to activate these actions. Are you now going to decide to renege? Or are you ready to move on and give this needed light to the others? Can you once again decide? We need to know the masters can still be counted on. We can count the choosers of ascension by the great aura they deliver to our inner contact. Yes, my dear ones, our collective is in the light of yours—we are one.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna