Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I AM Siraya,Representative of Creator Source To Orvonton

Short UPdate from Siraya By Siraya thru Johan Sep 11, 2012 - 11:13:03 PM

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I AM Siraya,

Representative of Creator Source To Orvonton.

With the most Esteemed Greetings from Creator Source, The Ancient of Days of Orvonton and your Sovereign of Nebadon, Christ Michael and Monjoronson, I Greet and Bless you ALL once again.

Another important meeting has just resulted in outlining and finetuning the vast project that will be undertaken shortly during this northern hemispherical harvest time on your planet after more has been accomplished in the month that just passed you by. It was thought THIS WAS IT, but due to persistent but failing dark actions AND grand decisions and considerations from your Sovereign to have better options available after and during the 3 DD' , in which alot of work to your Mother Planet will be undertaken, it has brought us to this new month of your earthly calender still.

When I brought you great news about the results of your jointly work towards the Vatican, We thoughts this to be the beginning of revelations that would shock your world, but the dark were keeping their cloth of lies and deception really intact and tight. More and continuous work from Christ Michael and his most loyal staff has brought even more evidence to the surface in the mean time what will enhance the explanations and teachings that will follow their removal and handling your Mother Earth with delicate care. So have you received extra opportunities to sharpen your telepathic abilities even more, getting to know yourself better and preparing in greater depth for the cleansing coming.

With this in Mind, We like to thank you once again, Our Dearly Beloved Light Warriors and Star Seeds to have stood your ground sofar in sturdy patience that will be well rewarded as your Sovereign will not forget who stood by His side through Heart, Soul and Oneness of Mind.

Greeting you warmly and sincere,

in Service of Creator Source.
Love and Light, Johan

Siraya Update on 3DD By Siraya thru Shellee-Kim Sep 11, 2012 - 10:35:58 PM

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Through Shellee-Kim


It is I, Siraya, wishing for you to take a message if you are in agreement.

Time draws very, very near now to the D Day. Please be in position, ready for the events to occur. We know you have many times previously being given warnings and asked to make necessary preparations. Perhaps some of you, as with this channel, will see this as another ‘boy who cries wolf’ scenario, as she fondly refers to these.

However, now it really is TIME. There are no further hindrances in our path, although conditions are not as perfect as we wish them to be. Yet we are choosing to proceed at this time, nonetheless.

We wish you all to know there are major flyovers to take place globally. We will create something of a show for the people of earth. It is important that Starfleet be perceived as playful and accessible, rather than the invasive, controlling dark forces your media and entertainment industries have painted us to be.

Also now there will be many Starfleet members ready to join with you. You have already been told somewhat about this. They will be on standby and available in an advisory capacity.

Please be warned of that element in your various societies whose fear will drive them to lead an attempted revolution against us. They will not succeed in overturning our operation but they will certainly make big efforts in trying.

You ones who are to be the wayshowers now will be specially equipped with the activation of yourselves and, in addition, gifts that will be entrusted to you. These will serve to assist on your earth in numerous ways during this teaching period and beyond. The ones in receipt of these will have been specially selected for their integrity, level of commitment and therefore ability to use these most responsibly and for the benefit of the whole. This channel has already made mention of this gifting some time ago in a previous channeled message.

In the ensuing chaos of the first week or two after 3DD we will make food available for people. This will be distributed from various depots to supermarket outlets, which will temporarily be run by us. Thereafter and once things have settled down, a new system will be in place with coupons/vouchers being used to exchange for food.

One of the first things to be addressed will be an alternative to the harmful fossil fuels your multinationals have so encouraged for profit. And it will no longer be necessary to use this type of fuel for the running of your vehicles, as we will be introducing one of our technologies. This will mean your cars will largely be running on a form of hydro electricity/water. Thus eliminating all the harm fossil fuels have brought to your beloved planet. There have already been past efforts to bring forth this alternative to your people, but once again this was either met with dismissal or suppression, by all except a tiny portion of the population.

Forewarned is forearmed, as they say on your planet. There is more which will follow in the days ahead, if you would be so gracious as to co-operate.

As you go forth with cheer in your hearts

I AM Siraya.