Monday, September 17, 2012

A Message to Remember .......


A Message to Remember
By Hazel and the Divine Consciousness
Sep 17, 2012 - 9:08:47 PM
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A Message to Remember

Hazel and The Divine Consciousness. September 14, 2012

HE has spoken. The light in your consciousness will abate the fear generated by the event to transpire in the shortness of time. Why do we bring this message? It is not with intent to alert for this has already been done consistently. This is a ‘message of remembrance’ so that those who read it will know when the time arrives the truth given. This is intended to assure you that trepidation is a hindrance to understanding. You will remember what we say and you will find your centre. Human reason without a trace of God knowledge will not suit you here, for you will not be able to comprehend using your human mind. You are to call upon US for higher guidance ‘now’. We speak in the future ‘now’ for it is then that you shall need us.

What comes is notice to your world of transforming events to succeed the initial ‘event’. It is part of the Master plan for the evolution of all. This is an inevitable outcome, one which many will fear due to lack of understanding and knowledge, but must necessarily embrace. Heed our words that you may not feel abandoned during these times for as darkness blends into your atmosphere and the light recedes you will stand in wonderment at an unexplained phenomena.

This is your signal that a new beginning is inescapable. The darkness will precede the light in all its magnanimity, for first you must lose the darkness within your sight that you may see the light again with and in clarity. You must first see the darkness, recognise and acknowledge it and then transmute it. Too many of you are oblivious to the darkness which shrouds your world. See this event within the context of a transmutation for indeed the darkness that will bear upon your lands will be for the purpose of transmuting the dark forces dwelling inland so that lighted glory can be hailed.

And so it shall be; for we desire you to learn the lesson of this movement; for as this occurs for many a new vision will dawn.

You are not alone. Call in despair or call in joy- it matters not for WE shall hear you and answer. Reject the fear that will initiate in your heart and do not place crude thoughts of ‘ending’ in your mind. Your world is not to end, simply to be transformed and so are you.

The corrupted elements of your world shall be removed and the ‘event’ is a mechanism designed to carry this out. DO NOT FEAR; for that which is being done is to remove your reason for living in fear. That which currently underpins your world must be pulled out and replaced for it cannot sustain you on your evolution. Take comfort in this and know that the Divine hand is involved and working. For those who cannot see or hear or know because of non existent belief in the Divine, you will either reject this or out of fear find God. Know that the weeding is current and we continue to sift through the ’human’ fields and time will tell your fate.

But for now know us as the Divine Consciousness and remember our promise to you.
Pax Vobiscum
Peace be with you