Thursday, August 9, 2012

When He Loves you :By Laura Tyco.

When He Loves You

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When he loves you year, after year, Never lets go of you, No matter how serious your mistakes are. . When he loves your unkind side, When he loves you even if you reject him, When he loves you when you look the worst you ever looked…I guess.. he really loves you ♥ [image: :)] Laura

We Build Walls Around our Lives
Laura Tyco at Laura Tyco

Building walls around a castle,
Defending what does not need protection,
Hiding what needs to be seen.

Thick walls, made of red bricks,
Blocking light and air from penetrating inside.
Noise can hardly reach the inhabitants of the fort.
They have spent time running away from the outside world.
They have erected these walls in order to feel at ease.
These walls overtime have become their prison.

These walls prevent them from seeing what surrounds them,
As well as preventing any contact with the outer world.
They feel protected now and comfortable.

Life has become an easy and safe adventure.
In time, the inhabitants refused to go outside at all,
They had their own universe, with their own rules.

True Romance can also be like that,
We build walls around our lives,
For the other to stay far and away

We find others to put between us,
Find excuses not to be together,
We fill oceans of tears.

We build walls around our lives,
So the other cannot get in.
When the walls tumble down,
Hang on to that heart of yours, my friend