Monday, August 6, 2012


Following the latest messagess from All the Ascended Masters,it seems that we are moving fast into
the eye of the storm in Human Affairs.See also..WHAT IS NEXT ? THE COMPANY OF HEAVEN SAYS.......

It is time fo unveiling  conditions and situations.Wondering for long time, how at the end we have to handle situations and events occuring, as planned by the other side,and driving as unfold,directly in to the eye of the storm - Darkness. Wondering also how The Sages of the star wars,and the celestial command -AAMichael and AAGabriel -faced similar coo coos nest- or hell laboratories of the other side. There is a common factor,uppon which everybody seems to agree.This experiment as is been degreed by the Creator has to reach an end and this laboratory to be cleaned up.
Master Djwhal Khul ,through H.Baley,referred to the Fall and sinking of Atlantis states clearly :The masters of the 5th Initiation -Decision -,and after permision granded by GOD,They decided the testiny of Atlantis....(sinking).
Based on the Masters Decision,orders given to the Light Beings in Atlantis by The Planetary Hierarchy to refuse any sort of cooperation with the Arians militants,in order to reprogram and saveThe Archturious Crystal Sattellite,which was under collapse.
Because the Aryans changed its sacret programming,and activation for military purposes and dominion against other nations.(Attalia.Greece),causing total distruction on the surface of these areas.
Following Lord Metatron last message.... What will bring chaos is coming to create the light, although it will not be understood. It will be dramatic and conditions will be difficult to accept, but it is needed to delete the deceptions and control of dark cabals.
No love is greater than the love God has for humanity and their ways of learning and growing, but what has happened to your world needs to be corrected; not in one complete collapse, but in different occurrences that come as needed. When all is done, the world will be One and love will answer all your concerns.
As events are unfold and go into the eye of the storm,we may see the same many stages instead of one!