Thursday, August 30, 2012

EVENTS TO COME By Metatron thru Shellee-Kim Aug 29, 2012 - : Un Update of The Three Days of Darkness and mini Stasis

EVENTS TO COME - ArchAngel Metatron

Update The Three Days of Darkness and mini Stasis
I AM Metatron come to you this evening. We feel you are ready to start taking messages again to be shared. Are you prepared to take one now?
As you know, you are about to have the three upcoming Days of Darkness. During this time, many of you, particularly of AH, will be taken to ship for instruction and training. This will be followed by a debriefing. Once you have understood your roles, there will be a splitting off into groups. There is to be very much a hierarchical structure in place for ease of operation during this period. And we will be with you every step of the way – both Celestials and Star fleet crews. No one will will feel out of his/her depth.
In many respects this period will be a turning point in the history of your world. It is a time that will be seen as a lifeline for many. And many will make their crucial decision as regards their future, at the last minute in this period, in fact.

Amongst these will be those who’s dogmatic beliefs will be more powerful than their abilities to change or open their mind sufficiently to look at alternatives.
SK: Why will they remain then?
Because they must be given an opportunity to express themselves. And we see only perhaps a third or a little more of the post-3DD folks will be returning to earth after the major stasis.
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