Thursday, August 30, 2012

End of times : Back to ...Oneness

I am the wind and the rain.
I am the sun and all that shines.
I am that which holds the heavens and all that does not shine.
I am the all of all-ness and the no-thing of nothingness.
I am you - the very source of your being.
You live, move and have your
being in me as I, in you.
We are not separate.
I am
I am divine perfection.
I am known to you.
I live in you.
I express in you.
I am creator and creation in one.
I am all that and more 
I Am That I Am.
I am unity.

Heaven and Earth
There is time whereas there is space.The one exist because of the other,as a way of perceiving ,or enterpeting reality ,,within a specific field of experiense.Time and space,are related to limited perception,of our existanse,within a certain mode of ,being, breathing,moving,and acting,as living beings. There are no limits,within the eyes of the Eternal,because IT IS ALL THAT IS.
The dream of GOD,is manifested ,as the Devine plan,within, the evolutionary process,is taking place,within the realms of the Eternal and the Infinite,based on the so called,Great(Devine) cycles,and Small cycles:
1.MANVATARA :The Great Day of BRACHMA,The Outbreatheing of THE CREATOR:The stage within Eternity,the Creator is manifesting Himself as Light and Phenomenon Cosmos,covering the endless waters-Chaos,outpicturing His Dream,and His Presense, as Universe and All Universess.The Day of BRACHMA,followes the stage or state of the DREAM,the stage of the Golden Egg,or the stage of Ideation,which is in bettween Existanse and Non-Existanse.
The stage bettween Ideation(Golden Egg),and Existanse(Day),is the Zero Point,which is before Big Bang,or the Great Explosion within the oceans of the Infinite,and eternity.
During the Day,the Allness,the Absolute THAT,the Oneness,as a non-phenomenon,cosmic or universal ideation, is prodjecting HIMSELF, in the Infinite,s screen or map,as phenomenon cosmos or universe, or the magic Devine drawings of GOD Himself ! The stage of Day,can be defined,as a conditioned condition,meaning,that the Absolute and Limitless Allness,is manifesting Himself,through imposed bindings and limitations to the projected Cosmic Reality >.
2. PRALAYIA:The Great Night of BRACHMA,The Inbreathing of THE CREATOR:
The stage within Eternity,when,through dissolution, the matterial World or the phenomenon Cosmos,is returning to its Primary source of being,to ALL THAT IS,To the stage of non-phenomenon,or the stage of Ideation,which is a non-conditioned condition,of the Absolute, free,limitless,bindless Allness or Nothingness!
It is stated in old testaments that the duration of the Days-Nights,is 4,320,000,000 billions years
respecively,repeated within the Infinite and Eternity,as predefined cosmic cycles.
It is written that Light is a primay element in creation,and darkness is an after light conditioned condition!What is the meaning of this?Light is the essense of creation, and all forms
of life are born,evolve,and dies within the spectrum of the DIVINE FLAME OF GOD.
The outbreathing-day of the Creator is the beginning of all creation...< and the LOGOS said..Be light..and cover all the oceans of the Infinite!The Will-Power of GOD is manifested through Light, as cosmos and Universess.The Love of GOD is through light, manifesting HIMSELF in the Infinite,s map,as the magic beauty, balance and harmony, in all creation.
The Wisdom of GOD,MANIFESTED as cosmic intelligense and universal knowledge,is the eternal light in evolutionary process and implementation of the Devine Plan.
It is written also,that Nobody can ADD on this Sacred Prototype of Creation or TEMPLATE.
What is the meaning of darkness, as the opposite of light,or the other face of the coin .
Does any real source ,within creation,exist,which activates darkness as a self-existing element?
Or is just the de-activation of certain light cores within creation,which diminishs or minimises light forms in all aspects of life existanse,driving to the dissolution of the phenomenon cosmos,and return All to its primary source of being,as non-phenomenon?
DUALITY OR Light vs Darkness,on 3D Mode or field of experiense EARTH:
Certain issues of Duality related to EARTH: