Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 4/9/12

It is time you ask yourself and find out why today you are lonely. It is time for you to understand and to choose between those things in your life that give you pleasure and the things in your life that cause you displeasure. It is time for many of you to make a new start, and it is time for many of you to leave behind the ways of the old paradigm and begin anew on a path that will deliver you to the highest self you can be. All along your journey you have chosen paths that would either bring you to a higher state or a path that would lead you somewhere else. Your choice at this time is no different, and you are being offered the opportunity to travel a path that will bring you to a higher state or a path that will bring to you more challenges and hardships characteristic of a lower dimensional level. What you choose to do with this opportunity is entirely up to you, and we only wish to bring to the forefront of your consciousness this choice before you today. It is not our right to persuade you in either direction. It is not anyone's right to influence another in this way. All we will do is describe for you your choices and where each will lead you. That is all we will do, and we will honor the choices that you make.

Concerning matters of your world at this time we say to you all is proceeding smoothly and all is currently on schedule to bring to your world the many changes that are necessary to bring it to a higher state of existence. This is the path that is being chosen by you as a collective, and it is upon this path that your world will proceed into its future. Whether you personally choose to also travel this path or not is up to you, and there will be several points of destination that you may choose to disembark at. One of these stations is just up ahead for you, and we wait for each of you to make your decision whether you wish to remain traveling on the same tracks or choose a new destination at the next junction.