Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Escaping The Kingdom of Mayia - Moving Beyond Shadows.


Lynette Leckie-Clark

The Awakening

Man is awakening. As you flow through your cellular change you would be wise to consider your part in creating a better Earth, a better future for your grand children. Your part. What is that? What can you do? What part are you playing in assisting your fellow man forward to the great metamorphosis of Light, of complete peace?


You also have the power to become a magician – just like me! Not the magician of your movies, but a magician of the Heavens. Containing wisdom and Light within. Using that wisdom and Light you have gained through reading, learning, healing and your experience on the higher path of Light to help others. Those who are slower to comprehend. Those who are fearful to step forward on their own transformational path. Share your wisdom, your compassion with them. Help them to understand and to therefore release their inner fears and be able to finally move forward in the great shift.


You have been told you will create your future. This is true. You may think the darker side may prevail. While there may be a few years where it may appear to be a continual battle, I can assure you the Light will prevail. That is non-negotiable. It is the great plan for the Universe, not just Earth and all who live on Earth.

As I have said, the golden particles are already in your atmosphere, transforming your cellular structure within. Those who spend much of their energy trying to fight the Light, to remain in areas of control and cruelty will physically return to dust. Their souls will be taken to another planet to be healed. They may pass by illness of mind or body as they are unable in their chosen darkness, to hold the golden particles of Light within their cellular structure. The energy is too strong now. So they will endure a strong and continual inner battle on all lower bodies – the physical, mental and emotional – until they become ill and weak with exhaustion from the battle. The physical body cannot continue the battle and begins to break down, becoming ill.