Wednesday, May 17, 2017



VT has identified Erdogan himself as one of the biggest criminal forces in the world.
General Flynn, who as White House Security Advisor, was paid $530k by Turkish intelligence, is said to have agreed to aid Turkey’s secret police in “eliminating” political enemies inside the US, not just Gulen but Armenians as well. From Michael Rubin at Newsweek:

Turkey has never been known for its respect for human rights, but one of the most troubling aspects of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s rule has been Turkey’s increasing aggressiveness toward dissidents and political opponents, not only within Turkey’s borders but also abroad.
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Press covering for Turkey but other nations paying off Trump and company as well, only Flynn got caught and is being thrown under a bus
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The Stolen Valor of Michael Flynn 

 -Remember, it was Flynn that failed to inform anyone he was on the payroll of Turkish intelligence while sitting through CIA briefings. This is the same Flynn who was going to help Turkey kidnap Mohammed Gulen, a cleric known to stand up to Turkey’s Hitleresque dictator Erdogan, the man paying Flynn’s legal fees.

This is the same Turkey that has been openly supporting not only ISIS but al Qaeda as well and has for many months secretly employed General Flynn and his son as “agents” but to what capacity? Kidnapping for sure, but what else?

This week, high power lawyer Robert Kelner, representing former General Michael Flynn in his quest to keep out of prison, wrote a letter about Flynn’s military service that requires careful examination. Valor and sacrifice in combat is not a joke and, minimally, Flynn owes combat veterans an apology in our estimation for claims made in this letter. You decide:

Trump to Silence Flynn over Turkish Death Squad Operations in AmericaHouse immunity deal or pardon for Flynn's silence over secret assassination program
-In the Milli Istihbarat Teşkilatı (MIT), Turkey’s national intelligence service, this has meant the establishment of six new undersecretariats, each appointed by Erdogan. Reorganization is not the problem.

The most significant change, however, is what Tremblay calls “special operations.” This new unit has been discussed openly in the Turkish press. This signals not only continued Turkish covert operations in Syria and Iraq but, according to Turkish sources, in Europe and the United States as well. Indeed, what Tremblay does not discuss is that one of the reasons for the new special operations undersecretariat has been Erdogan’s frustration at push-back from MIT veterans about his plans to be more active in the United States. The MIT veterans argue—correctly—that Erdogan risks their long-term relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency by running operations in the United States. Rather than heed their advice, Erdogan’s response has just been to transfer, reorganize, and purge in order to put political loyalists in place.

The first question then becomes, what sort of operations is Erdogan planning to run–or already running–in the United States? There have been several diplomatic pouches delivered to the Turkish embassy filled with cash, according to people who heard some of the couriers and Turkish diplomats brag. More cash was reportedly delivered when Erdogan last visited the United States. The second question then becomes what is the purpose of the cash transfers? Are some of the law firms and registered foreign agents acting on behalf of the government of Turkey receiving more money than they declare? Or is money going to support organizations that are acting as un-registered foreign agents or channeling cash into campaigns?

There’s more to Turkey’s US operations. Put aside actions by Sabah and Anadolu Agency employees that seem to go beyond journalism. And put aside intelligence reporting on the local Turkish community which Turkish-funded mosques transmit back to Ankara. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and other US law enforcement agencies should be concerned by the growing incidents of those who have criticized Erdogan—be they followers of Gülen or traditional secularists and liberals—being photographed by those reporting to the Turkish embassy or its various consulates. More troubling have been growing reports of Turks whose loyalty is in doubt being followed home and having their houses photographed.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence may declare it is the Trump administration’s intention to improve relations with Turkey. That is all well and good, but let us hope that Pence and others ask their intelligence briefers some very specific questions about not only what the Turkish government is doing behind-the-scenes with regard to the Islamic State, but also what it is doing in its embassy just down the street from the Vice President’s residence.

What we have evidenced is that the massive Turkish secret police, the MIT, has been loading up with cash here in the US, buying help in Washington, like with the $530k spent on General Flynn who agreed to help them with a kidnapping and what else?

Remember, this is the same organization that channels hundreds of millions to ISIS, that sells ISIS oil and that brought Sarin gas into Syria from Georgia and killed thousands.

Now Trump and his team are welcoming them here and have a strategy to protect them by using “executive privilege” and congressional immunity ploys to protect their plan to run foreign death squads inside the US.

The Turkish MIT is the heart of ISIS. Earlier this month, according to Syrian sources on the scene, the MIT transferred 950 Turkish fighters, pretending to be ISIS, from al Bab to Raqqah, in what was described as a massive Turkish victory. The ISIS forces in al Bab had, according to our sources, always been working for the MIT, looting Syria, factories, antiquities and oil.

Is Trump going to give them an office in the West Wing?