Friday, April 14, 2017



My question refers to the air strike on Syria by the current US President, Donald Trump. It raises more questions than it answers and seems, or feels, like a returning to the globalist agenda that he was in opposition of. There was a remark made, regarding the strike, that went (something like) “Now he is looking Presidential.”
Yes, perhaps, (if by “Presidential is meant the way things are typically done by US Presidents), yet not in the way he has been (thus far in his presidency). This strike is my question. What can be said about what is going on? It feels as if there is something not known.

Understand that what is witnessed (by the Watchers) is the whole. Admittedly, for the purpose of this conversation, the air strike by America is a focal point. It is not the only one or even, perhaps, the most important one.

It is what you see on the surface. The outward manifestation of policy orchestration. Deals were made. These were not public deals.

As the shock of placing in office and keeping there, a non-party member sinks in, new tactics are employed.

What can be said to you now is from a perspective beyond the ground you walk on and events you read of. What you are feeling without clearly expressing it – is the outcome of unity. (Italics mine – Sophia)

As a planet, you are on a course set to, and readying itself for, unity. For transformation, for a complete shift of awareness.

Know that the course has not been altered. Those on planet now, seemingly “in charge”, are reacting to (what they perceive as) an alteration in the course they’d (imagined).

This is rhetorical. I am re-stating my intentions and beginning yet again.

As you wish.

(I re-stated my declarations and re-centered. Sophia)

Your President finds himself scrambling as well.

What is new, or perhaps not new, but newly realized, is the way this feels for the people of the world. It feels, on a visceral level, wrong. This is an indication of the shift, the change, the newly forming human. In increasing numbers, it is seen as a ripple, a “shaggy edge” as we referred to at the start of our conversation.

It has become nearly impossible to create an event of destruction on any portion of the populace without it being felt by the whole.

This, although we see you are not experiencing it as such, is a good indication of the shift…. No longer are you able to pretend not to feel the impact of each other.

What this means in terms of timing is unclear – humanity is creating the illusion of gradual shifting, while attempting to bring the whole lot of you along.

If Mr. Trump is anything, he is a surprise element; certainly, both a catalyst and (an) indicator of change.

From this view, which is a distant one, what is seen is not a set-back, but more of an attention point.

What is now illustrated is: what is not universally wanted. These tactics do not work in a unified world, and this is now seen.

The planet is moving, changing, shifting towards the new. What is seen in this event is that it is not contained – almost as if the world was struck by these missiles. All felt the strike.

It is unknown by us what precisely will be done – it is humanity’s choice. No, you have not switched timelines and are not headed for destruction. You experience now the effect of unification.

This increases your desire for peace on all fronts. If you would like we would send a visual for you to see.

Yes, I would like that.

After a few moments, this is what I saw…
Okay, what I “see”, and this has been in the corners of my perception throughout this conversation, is our planet as a bright blue and green globe. There is a bright yellow and orange spot – what in my mind’s eye is the missile strike and Syria. The strike does not stay small – but grows, and then, from it, something… It is a covering, a shadow, it moves out and spreads, covering the globe. It is not yellow/orange but darker. I want to say blue, yet it’s not a solid color. It sort of permeates everything, melts into everything without altering it, but leaving a residue. Like the planet has been tinted with a different hue.
I’m tempted to say the coloring means peace but it does not, peace would be a greener hue. This means change and the blue signifies the cool color of water; which puts out fires, maybe stops bombs. I don’t’ see that the bombs were put out by this tint – but that the bombs altered/colored the fabric of the illusion in its entirety.
Nothing is seen beyond that.

A good description of how your planet is morphing, changing…

I am seeing more…

Yes, as we send other images.

These are of bombings in the past. There are numerous explosions, all over the planet (at once) and yet they remain isolated pockets.

This is given to you now for comparison, as a way to gauge what we are seeing (now).

Yes, I get it. (What I did not say to them, but “got”, was the meaning of the comparison. In our past, we were able to ignore violence that did not impact us directly. We perceived it as having no effect on our daily life. This recent strike illustrates something different. We are not assuming we are separate. Violence directed to any part of the populace changes us and we feel it.)

The planet HAS SHIFTED. Make no mistakes. Humans will have to figure out how to handle the shift. The emotional repercussions will again be dealt with in your uniquely human way. We watch and await and expect major upticks. Certainly, changes to again change the hue.

It’s up to us.

Yes, as always.

Thank you.

This conversation ended.
And that is what I wanted to share today. It is hoped that you experience a bit of comfort upon hearing their words... I know I did.

We are making a difference, realize that all efforts effect the whole. We are the ones we've been waiting for.

In gratitude and with so much love,