Thursday, December 8, 2016

Life on 4D-Earth

....Wake up Folks.Is already begun.You are almost there...

from Asana Mahatari ( Saint Germain ) message.

This is the message I address to all of those that will inherit the fourth dimensional level of Being – for those who want to enter this dimension and for those who chose to experience a part of the drama of this ancient 3D world.
Time? No. Space? Yes. After you made an almost unnoticed transition to the fourth level of Being of Creation, you will realize that any notion of time has faded. Time – what are you? And very quickly you shall adapt to the new circumstances.

The reason for this is because you will recognize the old familiar 3-D Earth in many aspects of this Level. Which is as follows:
1) Wars are still part of the daily business in this world.
2) Destruction is minor, yet the fear scenarios are all the more powerful! Why?
3) Because this level primarily serves to reduce all fears in order to transform them and dismiss them into the light, because only thus:
4) A society as a whole is ready to ascend up to the fifth dimensional level of Being.
5) The human society, civilization develops and unfolds slowly but surely and will be further ascending to new heights.
6) Slowly people are beginning to realize that they create their own world by the means of their thoughts and therefore they start to change these thoughts, which will result in new behaviour patterns.
7) The spiritual search for God and the original source reaches a new level in this 4D-world – which means also new heights of fallacy and misconception.
8) This earth is transformed by the awakening of the people, which will drive away the dark elites of the old 3D reality.
9) This means that the retreat of the elite will take place on the 4D level until they will find themselves finally stranded entirely on 3D, as some of the dark Ones will go along to 4D in order to encourage people in their progress; for only where is pain, there is also knowledge. This World has to follow that pattern until humanity has resolved it.

10) The darkness recedes gradually.
11) Churches, government institutions, economical and financial markets loose power and influence.
12) The individual is self-determined and gradually acquires the ability to create his own reality in a conscious manner.
13) God is the central focus of this World before it enters into the Fifth Dimension.
14) New branches of science will emerge – new findings will alter everything.
15) Politicians, religious leaders and global business leaders will continue their work. However, any act of selfishness is denounced instantly and thus all those, who are still acting in the role of “False Prophets”, lose their right of existence on this level of Being.
16) Atomic conflicts remain limited and stop after the nuclear deterrence has reached all of mankind – caused through an actual event.
17) The monetary system is fundamentally changed. Money is no longer generated by itself, but is bound to a real value.
18) Children receive new opportunities for growth. New schools emerge, which at first are of anthroposophic origin on a global scale. Later on a more universal idea of „learning by awareness“ will emerge, which will be the first telepathically transmitted lessons.
19) Mother and Father are a most important and are inherent parts of the family. Gender Mainstreaming will be no more.
20) Pollution, animal cruelty and greed are in the pillory and every individual – once 4D is established – who is behaving inappropriately will be subject to mandatory duties, serving the community until he is ready to fulfill these services voluntarily.
21) The life span of people increases to 200 years – timelessness leaves no trace, aging takes place only slowly – because space has a different effect on cells.

22) The current humanity is at the very threshold to space-time – which is the Now, the All-That-IS.
23) The progress of the individual and the world is attended by the Ascended Masters.
24) Thousands of Ascended Masters are present at this level of Being to assure a swift progress of Humanity.
25) The bodies of 4D people are “mortal”.
26) Many people will overcome this “mortality” and attain enlightenment by merging directly with the light – they will experience neither death nor dying – they will be heirs of eternal life.
27) People who cannot settle at this level, will switch back to 3D because verily: Many have come to 4D by the luck of a “bye” in order to make a cleansing experience before they return to the depths of being.

28) The forth dimensional level of Being enjoys a comprehensive protection by the Powers of Light. A “permanent representation” of the Galactic Federation of light keeps a very close eye on all agendas of 4D Earth in order to avoid any negative spin offs.
29) The planet is being prepared for the light.
30) People shall be led into the light.