Sunday, December 4, 2016


Man in the center of the Universe


   What is the future of Earth, and  Humanity, after the coming Ascension Period, and the shifting of Earth to 5th Dimension?
   To get the correct answers for all questions, raised for all matters related to these events, we have to put some crucial questions:
  1.Does the whole story of Humanity, started as a unique Universal experiment, after Creator,s instructions,?
  2.Why so many cosmic civilizations, were involved, in both creation and evolution of Humanity?

  3.What is been behind creation, and evolution of man, in cosmic terms?
  4.What is the meaning of ONENNES at the end of times?
  5.Does anything exist, outside the Source, and the Devine Plan?
  6.Who are the first incarnated on Earth, for the implementation of the Devine Plan-Humanity  Project-and leading also Humanity, at the End of Times?
  7.The claiming of signing contracts by all incarnated on Earth, means almost nothing, since everybody accepts,that we all are passing through complete amnesia, as part of the sacred experiment?

  There is a place, beyond mind,s reality.
Beyond duality. Beyond polarity.
Out and beyond of any idea of right or wrong.
Out of any contractions, and beyond any matterial needs or desires!
That is the place of Unity, that is the place of Onennes.
   started almost a million years ago.
In a message from Pleideans, some of these questions are answered in detail.
  The experiment started after Creators instructions, at those times the impression given to the other side in particular, that nothing extraordinary was happening!
The hidden true about the experiment, was safty kept in the Temple of Shambala.

The union with the higher-self

   In the creation of man, four DEITIES, obeyed their Father,s order, and got directly involved, with the experiment. Also a high intelligent Being from the other side, was invited to participate.
  All actions taken in the process of ,as part of the Devine Plan, destined to manifest The DREAM of GOD, for Unity and the New Golden Age of ONENNES, at the End of Times ,giving Light to Darkness, and ending the times of duality.
  It is written, that light is a primary element in creation, and darkness is an after light conditioned
condition. In a mysterious way, darkness, in general terms ,in the times of duality, is service to the good!
  Accepting the fact, that the Pleiadeans were involved in the first place,in the project on Earth, in later stages other civilizations from other star systems or galaxies, participated ,in the evolution of mankind.
Missing links or information,is not, but interventions through unknown scientific methots or genetic engineering.

                                                     AGAINST ALL ODDS!
The fundamental part of this unique Universal experiment, or ,,is been the lowering of the Human DNA strands from 12(twelve) to 2(two)!!!,for beings  incarnated on the new environment ,or new field of experience.
Through the incarnation chanell to Earth, a 12 DNA strands, Light Being, is falling to the lower level of the spectrum in all universe, resulting to a complete blank sheet mind conditioned condition, and total amnesia, in respect of previous life experience and acquired knowledge.
The of all Light Beings, participating on this experiment, and incarnated on this planet,
gave the opportunity to the dark side, to the experiment, as the Pleideans said in  their messages.
What is the meaning of ,?Does anybody can take anything from  God,s Hands?
We have always to remember that what looks to our perception as endless time, is just a glimpse of the eyes of THE CREATOR within Eternity.
In times of duality, or otherwise, during the times of Light vs Darkness, the motivating element of expanding man,s mind horisons, conscious awakening and spiritual awareness, is the pairs of opposites, in broad terms, which in a mysterious way, drives back to the lost source of Light within, and reunion with our own master.

The discovery of the Path is just the beginning of the great journey, leading back to Reality of Heavens and reunion with the Light Family and our ancestors. Our dream was from the very beginning, and is still is, to find our lost identity, our REAL self, lost, during the millennia of darkness ,prevailed at the times of Atlantis and the fall. The world of illusions and the dream of non-reality, created by the masters of the dark side, the illuminati, their representatives and their minions on Earth, resulted  to a complete veiling of Earth by darkness, through attacks either from the inside(Lucifer) or from the outside(Ahriman).

Phodos : Nyako Nakar calleria