Wednesday, November 16, 2016



..*The personality is deranged from the over extension of spirit to fraudulent purposes without any effort at all to
the personality attributes*…Chris Michael

The Creative destruction model,as forcibly imposed, to the already hijacked political system,is applied by the Elite,s -corporate governance,in all socio-economic and political issues,for one reason :To transfer the accumulated wealth,and collective potential power,to the center of power of the corporate criminal mafia complex.By creating this cocoos nest-network,the NWO is ready to be implemended, and the doors of hell to open for tyrans.. !!
Moral and ethical values are sinking into a bottomles void,with no
possitive possible outcome for the Now. For them, Chaos is the predetermined destination, through
creative destruction , the concept – taken from the work of Karl Marx which refers more broadly to the linked processes of the accumulation and annihilation of wealth.

An old concept modernalised into a new conceptual construct,which is infested with Lucefirian-Satanist doctrines,composes not only accomulation-annihilation of wealth,but including also annihilation of mankind!!

The whole play is transformed now,into a game of Truth or Lies, freedom or slavery.With the majority of people,not being capable so far to perceive,that their politicians,who supposevely are represending – securing their interests and wellbeing,are not only -promoding their own agendas,which are opposing peoples interests,but are on the same side with the lunatics complex.

The ultimate insanity,is a result of a mind-ego self-dellusion,
corrupting all the conceptual construct value system of the personality,leading from devinity-sanity,to unholy insanity.
Many are wondering how these entities reachs this level of personality corruption-insanity.
The meaning of not reclaiming is obvious! They like what they are doing,and also they enjoy what they are planning to do.Without any feeling of quilty,compasion,or regret.
They based their succes,to our predesigned failure,on all aspects of life.Therefore their happiness is founded on your suffering -financial misery-desparation,and by seeing people left without any hope….Hopeless!!
Their latest efforts are focusted on the so-called demoralisation of all socio-economic -family institutions and networks,and leaving people completely naked from any values or ideals.
( Faulse flag terrorism,financial mass destruction warfare,banksters robbery,Gays marrage, parendal parenhood issue,etc…
Although this attackt on humanity institutions,is the latest one,is in no way,a new one.Working on a genius evil master plan for milleniums,they created this existing reality,within, we are strugling to find the way out,and restore our rights and power as Humanity.

Targetting the mental-soul world,they have a main objective target: Corruption!A corrupted mind is loosing connection or is separated from his own conciousness,and therefore is settled in a much lower state of perception-awareness,and is much easier to be deceived and manipulated.
Through faulse flag operations they instigate fear and religious – cultural hatrace bettween people or differend groups of people,thus creating conditions of permanend
socio-economic instability- insecurity.
By succeeding this target,the collective is reaching the terminal goal.The handing over of all individual rights,to the representatives-administrators-puppet politicians,servands of the criminal mafia syndicate – lunatics complex,in order to secure,supposevely,their survival,by establishing the New World Order ,the insidius plot to enslave humanity


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