Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Now, dear one, we move beyond the concept of source at all – for “source” implies a separate being who then must be the receiver of whatever the source shall give. Now, dear ones, I move you into the only truth: you are God expressed. As you find this vibration within that is the resonance of who you are, you shall reclaim at the deepest level the fact that we are One. There is no source and receiver. There is only the glorious opulence of living Love I Am. Once you resonate with this, the only thing that can happen is that you are all that I Am. You have all that I have. And that everywhere you are Life expresses itself. Pure Life, perfect Life, Life as I Am living it. And I Am shouting exuberance; I Am a great exclamation as big as the cosmos. And the closest thing to a translation would be: Wow! I am experiencing Life !!!